Just as last night saw the North Carolina Tar Heels winning the 2017 NCAA Men's Division Basketball Tournament, yesterday also marked the final showdown in our fourth Mouse Madness contest. After previous year's the declared The Mighty Ducks the Best of Disney Sports in 2015, Belle the Best Disney Princess in 2015, and "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" as the top Sherman Brothers song, this time around our competition (inspired by Cole's weekly blog here on LP) pitted extinct Disney attractions against each other to determine what ride, show, or parade Disney fans miss most. Here's how the bracket looked leading heading into the finals:

Yesterday's vote put Disneyland's PeopleMover against Magic Kingdom's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in what ended up being a tight race. In fact, the two swapped leads throughout the day until one ride pulled ahead in the final hours. And the Mouse Madness 4 champion attraction is....


Disneyland's PeopleMover

A huge "thank you" to everyone who voted and participated in this year's Mouse Madness event — we look forward to doing it again next year. In the meantime, be sure to check out Cole's extinct Disney attractions blog to get your weekly blast from the past.