Funko's first ever Disney subscription service has finally arrived, Disney Treasures, and the introductory crate is themed to Disney's fiercest swashbucklers. The box arrives nicely themed, looking like a magical treasure chest.

As with the Marvel Collector's Corp and Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty crates, opening it reveals a patch and a pin affixed to the first inner fold. A nice Disney touch is a treasure map on the inside of the top lid, which gives clues to the future themes in this series.

One of the first items subscribers will find is a well themed treasure map that not only explains all of the items inside your crate, but also gives some fun bits of Disney trivia related to each item. The back of the map also reveals the theme of the next crate, Festival of Friends, which hints at a Dumbo the Flying Elephant piece. Another fun reveal is that all six patches will combine to make one larger patch. A welcome card is also included in the box explaining how the six crates in this introductory year are all connected and what subscribers can expect going forward.

The piece I was most excited for is the Dorbz Ridez featuring the Wicked Wench from the classic attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean. The original ship's captain fits inside and I'm really looking forward to more Disney Parks figures in this series.

A tradition Pop! Vinyl figure is included, Smee from Peter Pan. Funko has previously made figures from this film, including Pan, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook, so collectors can complete their set with this exclusive Smee figure.

Another exclusive debut in this crate is the Disney Mini Tin. Each crate will feature a collectable tin with a mini Pop! Vinyl figure inside. This one features four fun images from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction on the sides, the skull logo on top, and mini Jack Sparrow inside.

There are two unadvertised bonus goodies in the box. A bonus sticker (the same one on the exterior of the box) is yours to keep as well as a special pin that makes introductory subscribers a "Disney Treasures Pioneer 2017."

I'm really pleased by the first Disney Treasures crate from Funko and I'm excited to see what the other five crates in this first series will include. In addition to the next crate, the other destinations are Ever After Castle (princesses?), Snowflake Mountain (Frozen?), Haunted Forest (Haunted Mansion?) and Tiny Town (Storybookland?). I can't wait to see what figures are included in future sets. If you want to secure the Pirates Cove crate, you have until April 22nd to place your order. If you want the Festival of Friends crate, order between April 23rd and June 1st. You can also subscribe in 6-month and 12-month plans. All options are available at Funko's official Disney Treasures Website.