Disney has partnered with Hybrid Apparel for a new line of Princess-themed clothing called Love Tribe. The line, coming exclusively to Macy’s nationwide, features classic Disney princesses with a more contemporary spin to encourage young women that you can still be a rock star and considered a princess.

To kick off the launch of the Love Tribe line, brand ambassador Laura Marano (best known for playing Ally Dawson on Disney Channel’s hit show Austin & Ally) was on hand at the Macy’s South Coast Plaza in Southern California to showcase the clothes and meet and greet with her fans.

The launch party was high energy fun, with a DJ spinning tunes while models showed off several pieces from the line. Hundreds of fans lined up for the opportunity to meet with Marano. Almost all of them were sporting outfits from the new Love Tribe line, and they couldn’t stop smiling while Marano greeted them all with hugs, laughs and chatter about how they liked the new clothes. Every fan who purchased something from the line were given cute little gift bags from Laura herself, and then of course posed for numerous pictures with her.

The clothes themselves are super cute. They range from sporty lounge clothes to fashion pieces perfect for wearing out on the weekends. They give the princesses we all know and love a modern, fearless, fashionable update. There are slogans such as “Princess Squad” and “Mermaid Hair Who Cares” as well as “Happily Ever After Only Exists in Books”. They’re trying to appeal to young women who watched all of the Disney Princesses as children, but now possess a more grown up attitude. The clothes were very popular that day, with plenty of people stopping by to grab a shirt or pair of shorts for themselves.

After a few hours of greeting all her fans, Marano took a few minutes to speak with us about Love Tribe and why she wanted to be a part of the project. “Love Tribe is all about kind of trying to inspire girls to dress bold and you know, dress for themselves. Which I think I think is awesome. I like to say it’s like if Disney Princesses were alive today and were, like, the 2017 millennial girl,” she said. She further went on to show her passion for the clothing and why she wanted to be a part of it, “I love the people, so they introduced me to the brand, and I saw the clothes, and I saw the messaging behind it and I was like, ‘I love this! This is awesome.’”

And just so all of her fans have the opportunity to dress like their favorite Disney Channel star, we did ask Marano what her favorite pieces from the line were. “The Princess Squad dress situation with the hood? Um… game changer. I’m just gonna put that on the table.”

The Love Tribe line is now exclusively in Macy’s stores around the country, so be sure to look for it at your local store!

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