Parking lot changes at DHS

Today's update starts a little differently, as we take a look at changes to the parking lot of Disney's Hollywood Studios. With the rumor of the Skyway 2.0 and a parking structure coming to the parking area of DHS, it seems each day new walls are going up and now it seems the ponds between the lots are about to be paved over. Both sides of the parking lot have fences going up around the ponds and water is being drained...times they are a changing!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Entrance

With the small lull between Spring Break and summer, beautiful weather and manageable crowds just scream "now is the time to visit!"

Former Starring Rolls Cafe

One of the rumored spots for the Walt Disney World Club 33's Starring Rolls Cafe has not been touched since it closed a few months ago.

Sunset Blvd.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel is still welcoming guests on the East Coast.

Toy Story Land Expansion

The former Narnia/Jack/Mickey meet and greet area is being worked on behind expansion walls with Toy Story Land work in full swing just past it.

One Man's Dream Now With Pirates and Groot

One Man's Dream has been transformed from a quiet walk through and a hidden gem of Disney's Hollywood Studios to the MUST VISIT spot. With the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Sneak Peek and the Star-Lord and Groot meet and greet, guests are making a beeline for this almost as fast as Toy Story Mania.

Lobby of The Walt Disney Theater
Trident of Poseidon
Costume of Captain Salazar
Entrance to Star-Lord and Groot Meet and Greet

For full coverage and a really cute video of Baby Groot check out our coverage from last week HERE.

Star-Lord and Baby Groot

Of course, the elephant in the park is the Star Wars Expansion.

View from Pixar Place of Star Wars Expansion

As the clock ticks closer and closer to 2019, one of the fun games at Disney's Hollywood Studios is play "where are the AT-AT's going to be?" While we are still a bit behind Disneyland's expansion work is starting to really ramp up.

Star Wars Expansion from exit of Star Tours

So far most of the work seems to be at what used to be the intersection of the Streets of America so as of now it looks like the facade on the right might be staying to help keep some type of landmark along with the Muppets building.

Sci-Fi Dine In and former coffee shop have had little change.

We would be remiss not to talk about May 1st, which was the 28th anniversary of the opening of Disney's Hollywood Studios. Of the handfull of attractions that we part of that opening day, only two remain: The Great Movie Ride and Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (not officially opening day attraction but was soft opened).

The Great Movie Ride

Still, one of the classic Disney attractions, The Great Movie Ride, should be a must do for every guest. Not only is it a nice air conditioned ride but also a great way to introduce younger guests to some classic films.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is the definition of a fun attraction that encourages guests of all age to get in on the fun. Even if you have been once or a hundred times this show is still a MUST DO when you visit Disney's Hollywood Studios.