Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returned for a third season on May 19th and it was well worth the wait. There are many reasons why this is one of my favorite shows of the modern TV era (which is experiencing yet another golden age), but one of the biggest reasons is that the show repeatedly, unabashedly makes references to all things Disney. Season 3 is a salute to Disneydom, but mostly Muppets and Star Wars. Let's dive in to all of the glorious Disney nods from season 3 to make sure you didn't miss any (also double check season 1 and season 2).

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Be sure to watch the entire season as some jokes reveal plot details.

Episode 1: Kimmy Gets Divorced?!

Kimmy is finally served with divorce papers from Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne and is shocked when he calls her. During their argument, he tries to encourage her by saying "Kimmy, I'm not your enemy." She quickly responds with "Are too," to which he immediately says "D2!" Later in the episode he is prepped with a "D2" comeback even when Kimmy doesn't provide him with the "R2."

Episode 2: Kimmy's Roommate Lemonades!

In this brilliant episode that is mostly about Beyonce's glorious album Lemonade, Kimmy begins to explore college opportunities. Her tour guide and crush-to-be Perry reveals that he is transferring to Columbia and Kimmy is curious if it's a good school (and if it has any relation to Columbia House). "People come from all over the world to go to Columbia," he tells her. "Like Epcot," she responds, "Or the Mall of America!"

Episode 3: Kimmy Can't Help You!

After setting his boyfriend free, Titus needs some rest for his good deed. "Being kind, wise and mature was very hard on me. Now I understand why Yoda looked like a dried green piece of poop!"

Episode 6: Kimmy is a Feminist!

When Jacqueline needs Titus to prevent her from sleeping with her soon-to-be brother in law, he pretends to be her friend Flouncy McGee. Allegedly upset over a recent breakup with the underage DaFwawn, he stands between them and proclaims "I just want to watch Beaches and drink rosé. And then watch Beaches 2: She's Still Dead." Lucky for all of us, there is no sequel to the Touchstone Pictures classic Beaches (just the Lifetime remake starring Idina Menzel).

Episode 7: Kimmy Learns About the Weather!

In my favorite episode of this season and possibly my favorite from the series thus far, Titus discovers that a purple mascot for a drug called Urethrex looks, talks, acts, and says "Foop" just like him. Confronting the voice actor who is playing animated Titus, Kimmy holds him while interrogating. "How did you steal my voice?" Titus asks. Kimmy chimes in before the actor can respond. "How do you think? He's an Ursula, the sea witch, Titus!"

Episode 8: Kimmy Does a Puzzle!

Titus is forced to finally deal with the aftermath of his short stint on a cruise ship performing in a musical with Dionne Warwick called Mahogany. Convinced that he spent time with the singing legend on a lifeboat that ended with him cannibalizing her, a series of flashbacks play in his mind where Maya Rudolph plays the superstar. As an excuse for her license to say anything, she boasts "I'm Dione Heffalumpin' Warwick!" While A. A. Milne may have coined the term "Heffalump" in his classic Winnie the Pooh stories, Disney has perhaps overused the play on words through the series of Pooh films. Personally, I pictured Dionne in her purple evening gown riding Lumpy when she said it.

Episode 10: Kimmy Pulls Off a Heist!

Jacqueline's character arc on this season involves a plan to convince the NFL team, the Washington Redskins, to change their name. She monologues in front of a statue of Peter Stuyvesant, a major player in New York City's formation who clashed with different religions and ethnicities. Calling him out for his hateful legacy, she rants "Peter Stuyvesant, you white, one-legged son of a b***. You took Manhattan like you were a bunch of Muppets!"

This particular episode deals with Kimmy helping Titus clone a key to a gas station bathroom, where she distracts the owner every time Titus needs to make. One of her conversations includes asking the man to read her the different brands of contraceptives behind the counter, one of which is called "Gonzo's Nose" for the curved gentlemen. In case this joke wasn't funny enough on its own, it comes back for a triumphant return at the end of the episode with an equally satisfying payoff.

Episode 11: Kimmy Googles the Internet!

After a professor asks Kimmy about her time in the bunker, she discovers that Googleing her own name reveals the troubled past she's trying to move away from. Having a breakdown, she tracks down her former alcoholic psychologist Andrea (played by series creator Tina Fey). "To quote Elsa,'Let is go,'" she tells Kimmy. Although this Disneyism is discredited by her next line. "Elsa was my boyfriend's wife. I grabbed her hair at a high school basketball game."

Episode 13: Kimmy Bites into an Onion!

It's time for finals and Kimmy's grades have slipped so far that if she doesn't score a 100% on her chemistry final, she will be expelled. The camera cuts to her with goggles on her head, char marks around her face waiting to meet with Dean Koontz. She tries to cheer herself up: "Okay, this kind of stuff happens to Beaker all the time and he's a professional scientist."

Unfortunately for Kimmy, she fails the test and is forced to leave the Ivy League school. But before releasing her, the Dean hands her a framed diploma with some handwriting correcting some of the letters. "Columbia would like to present you with this honorary degree," Dean Koontz says. "We ended up not giving this to Jimmy Smits because Attack of the Clones was such a turd." Smits, however, must be laughing all the way to the bank. He recently reprised his role as Bale Organa in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The final reference, also from the final episode of the season, comes from Titus' ex Mikey. After Titus gets paid for a song he recorded earlier in the season that has done well on streaming playlists for bros, he uses his money to dress to impress. "You are so fancy," Mikey tells him. "Like a chandelier in Beauty and the Beast!"


I hope you overstand that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the best shows of all time. It gets me on so many levels, including its unashamed love for Disney. If you need me, I'll be recreating Salon de Titus in my living room until next year when season four debuts. I ain't playing with your meatball!