Disney's Hollywood Studios - Hollywood Blvd.

As Memorial Day has now passed, summer is officially here and Disney's Hollywood Studios added a BLOCKBUSTER line up of entertainment to help keep out of the shadow of Pandora. But, before we enjoy those, let's take a look at changes to the park.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - One Man's Dream

One Man's Dream has been ever changing over the past few months, now home to Star-Lord and Baby Groot meet and greet and the Disney*Pixar Cars 3 sneak peek.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Star Lord and Baby Groot

The lobby of the Walt Disney Theater has been getting props, costumes, and now concept art of whatever film is being teased.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Cars 3 Sneak Peek
Disney's Hollywood Studios - Cars 3 Sneak Peek
Disney's Hollywood Studios - Cars 3 Sneak Peek
Disney's Hollywood Studios - Cars 3 Sneak Peek
Disney's Hollywood Studios - Cars 3 Sneak Peek

One of the other benefits of the constant changes to the sneak peek films is the ability to change out some of the other displays like adding Doctor Strange costumes back in.

Disney's Hollywood Studios -Doctor Strange Costume Display

As One Man's Dream is changing on the inside, the real work is on the outside of the building as the entrance to Toy Story Land kicks into high gear.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Land
Disney's Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Land

While we are on the topic of construction, no Disney's Hollywood Studios update would be complete without a look at the Star Wars expansion.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Star Wars Expansion

But the main reason to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios this summer, besides all the great attractions and shows, is the newest piece of entertainment The Music of Pixar LIVE! A Symphony of Characters.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - The Music of Pixar LIVE! Concert

The Music of Pixar LIVE! is a 45-minute concert with a 50 piece orchestra with some special appearances by some Pixar Pals held three times a day in the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Blvd. This concert is amazing — I have always been a fan of live music and hearing pieces from Toy Story to Cars 3 performed by the talented orchestra is a dream come true! Combining behind the scenes clips of how the music of the films were made and appearances from some of the stars of the films it is a great way to take a break from the afternoon heat and a perfect way to introduce some of the younger fans to live music. For more information on this amazing show and a dining package for the perfect seats click HERE.

Well, that just about wraps up this update...


That was pretty much my experience on Friday the 26th of May as I exited the Theater of the Stars. As I am heading out of the park an announcement is made letting guests know at 9 p.m. Disney Movie Magic, a tribute to Disney Live-Action films, would be shown on the Chinese Theater facade. Not having made any press releases or Disney Parks Blog posts guests had no idea what to expect.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Chinese Theater

As the nine o'clock hour started to tick closer, guests gathered in anticipation of what was to come. Before you watch the video, I would like to express how much I love Disney Movie Magic. I was never able to see the Sorcery In The Sky Fireworks but having heard the soundtrack many a time this show is the updated version without the fireworks or inflatable Mickey Mouse. This 10-minute projection show that captures moments from Disney live- action films from the early Walt days all the way up to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and, as shown with the addition of Rogue One" to Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular ,new scenes can be added as new films are released.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Disney Movie Magic Baby Groot

I had the chance to talk to J. Michael Roddy, Show Director for Creative Entertainment for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and all around movie fan, after the premiere and he was beaming like a proud poppa. He let me know one of his favorite moments out of the dozens and dozens of films used was the Indiana Jones sequence. Not that I would ever disagree with a, I'll go ahead and say it, creative genius, but for me the TRON Legacy" part just blew me away as it transported us back to The Grid for a few fleeting moments. This show, for me, is the nighttime spectacular above Once Upon A Time, Happily Every After, Fantasmic, IllumiNations, Rivers of Light, and yes even Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. I think the range of nostalgia for the classic live-action — come on when was the last time The Apple Dumpling Gang got any love? — and the thrill of seeing scenes from a film I just saw in the theater days ago combined with amazingly clear projection and the best sound system in any theme park and you have a new reason to stay in the park late!

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Disney Movie Magic

Now that does it for our look at Disney's Hollywood Studios for now. Also, keep an eye out for much more Pandora The World of Avatar coverage coming soon.