Disney's Hollywood Studios - Buena Vista Dr. Entrance

Normally we start with a look at the entrance of the park, but this is the first view guests are seeing as they come in to Disney's Hollywood Studios via Resort Bus or drive in from Buena Vista Dr. as they are preparing for a wider road into the parking.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Entrance

For the next two years, this park will see many changes. But one thing that has stayed constant since 1989 is the beautiful Hollywood Blvd. Representing the Hollywood that never was, it still feels like it came out of a movie from the 50s about how perfect things were in the world.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Hollywood Blvd.

Returning from a brief refurbishment is the Center Stage stage along with a perfect addition to Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away in the form of Rey.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Center Stage

To see Rey make her debut click HERE for video and update.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away Rey addition

Heading behind The Great Movie Ride, we see the work that will be the big pay off next summer: Toy Story Land. With the entrance now looking more and more like it will be between One Man's Dream and Toy Story Mania, work has taken over that area.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - One Man's Dream Toy Story Land Work

While inside One Man's Dream not much has changed, Cars 3 preview is still showing until the original film makes its summer return, but one addition to the waiting area/exit of Star-Lord and Groot Meet and Greet is a small merchandise stand for all your GotG Vol. 2 needs.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - One Man's Dream Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 merch stand.

Outside of One Man's Dream, the former overhead walkway that was part of the original Backstage Studio Tour when the park opened in 1989 is being removed to make way for the (rumored) entrance of Toy Story Land.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Land Rumored Entrance Area

As we continue down Pixar Place, we see another new addition to the park: one of the stars of Cars 3 (Cruz Ramirez) and, of course, lots of work on the Star Wars expansion.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Pixar Place

Cruz Ramirez is out in her Dinoco colors next to her first Piston Cup ready to meet her fans.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Cruz Ramirez

Of course, the story that will keep me busy for the next two years is the Star Wars expansion — hopefully, we get a name at D23 Expo (tickets are still on sale HERE). Anyway, we have now seen the AT-ATs built, much like Disneyland has had for a few months.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Star Wars Expansion AT-AT's

On the other side of the expansion area, we have Muppet*Vision 3D, which is getting some re-theming of its own. Additionally, the last bits of the Streets of America look to be sticking around as they have all received a new paint job.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Muppet Courtyard Changes
Disney's Hollywood Studios - Streets of America Paint Job
Disney's Hollywood Studios - Muppet*Vision 3D New Marquee

Over on Sunset Blvd., The Music of Pixar Live has done some small adjustments to the show helping the flow but kept most of the music intact. The in-between pieces about the making of the score from the films and a few minutes from the Finding Nemo sequence have been cut, but if you didn't see it before, you would never know anything has changed.

Disney's Hollywood Studios - Sunset Blvd.
Disney's Hollywood Studios - The Music of Pixar Live

We all know that no visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios would be complete without a 'kiss goodnight' and Disney Movie Magic. Since its unofficial opening night a few weeks ago there have been a few changes, but the show is still as great as ever!