Think of a magical thought — no really, any merry little thought! Was it of a magical Disney board game? If so, you are in luck!

If Disney Magical Dice sounds familiar, it's for good reason. The game was revered as Disney's first mobile board game, but has recently been re-released with more characters, improved graphics, modes of game play, and magic overall. If you aren't familiar with the former version of the game, the rules are simple- travel around the board purchasing property and landmarks from classic and new Disney movies and try to outsmart and out earn your opponent. With over thirty game pieces you earn throughout the game, different modes of game play, including connecting your Bluetooth to play with friends, and themed boards, this game will certainly be a favorite that you come back to and will be popular with kids and adults of all ages.

I played the first version of this game and will admit it was a favorite for quite some time. Depending on your skill level, game play can be quite short which was an advantage for my daughter, or when I needed to stall time. I appreciate the multiplayer mode that gives me the option to play against friends in the room as well, but you also have the option to play anonymously against other people from around the world. My favorite additions to this version are the collectible pieces and landmarks you place on the board, but there are many more little additions that make this game feel a little fresher. I'm really glad that the success of this game warranted an update to the game. It feels like a classic!

Available this summer for free with in-app purchases on Google Play and the Apple App Store. This is a fantastic game that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family, so don't wait- download today to get your daily dose of Disney magic!

Lauren Showgren
Lauren has been a Disney fan all her life. On her first birthday, she received a copy of the Disney Sing-a-long, Disneyland Fun, and ever since that, she's been hardcore in learning everything she can about the park. Another one of her favorite aspects is the food and she enjoys recreating those recipes to share with her friends and family. She also loves any craft that she can add a little bit of Disney magic or a hidden Mickey to make more magical.