While thousands of Star Wars fans are in San Diego this weekend celebrating their fandom at San Diego Comic Con, there are even more of us at home wishing we could be there. If you're stuck at home like me, the bitter burn can be sweetened if you subscribe to Funko's Star Wars themed subscription service, Smuggler's Bounty. This bi-monthly service  delivers goodies from a galaxy far, far away right to your door, making it feel like Christmas comes six times a year. July 2017's theme is droids. Thank the maker!

Like past crates, opening the first flap reveals the patch and pin. C-3PO adorns the patch and bears the title of this crate. A R0-GR from The Phantom Menace has a starring role on the pin. Roger, Roger.

T-shirts make their triumphant return after being absent from the May crate. In my opinion, this is one of the finest they've done so far. I love the Funko-ized version of BB-8 and R2-D2. They're recreating the moment from the end of The Force Awakens where BB-8 completes R2's missing map to Luke Skywalker. I think I'll wear this to opening night of The Last Jedi.

The first of two Pop! figures is the Unfinished C-3PO bobble-head from The Phantom Menace. The figure is cool, even if it does serve as a reminder of one of the many continuity errors between the prequels and the original trilogy. Annakin created C-3PO and he didn't remember that? Are you kidding me, George?

The other figure is a Pop! bobble head of R5-D4. If you don't instantly recognize him, he's the droid that Luke's Uncle Owen wanted to buy, but when he clunked out they swapped him for R2. I've always had an affinity for this misfit and was thrilled to find him underneath the t-shirt. Be sure to give R5 a really good home, he deserves it.

I really loved this Droids crate from Funko's Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty subscription. Compared to May's super deluxe 40th anniversary crate, this one feels a little light. But it's a return to the original format and hey, at least there's no sweatbands this time. I am secretly hoping for an all Ewok's themed crate in the near future. Nub nub! Those looking to sign up for the subscription can do so through the official website.