Trader Sam’s Coffee Company is back with more java to revive your immortal soul and bring you back to life! If you’re like me, you feel practically dead when your alarm goes off Monday through Friday and half expect Master Gracey’s invitation to the afterlife to be sitting on your nightstand. You stumble to the kitchen, blindly pour some ground beans into a contraption, and await your morning potion of life… COFFEE!!!

Last winter, I was treated to a delightful flavor explosion thanks to Trader Sam’s Coffee Company when I reviewed all six brews that were available at that time. Five were outstanding and the only one I didn’t care for has been discontinued. If you're looking for more information on Main Street U.S.A. Columbian, Skipper's Brew, Ghoulish Delight, Matterhorn Bobsledder's Brew, and Prospector's Roast, check out my original review.

Trader Sam invites you to "Brew your happy place" with three new brews. As before they are all gluten free, allergen free, made with natural flavors and have no chemical additives. Let's start with the flavors of summer!

Enchanted Tiki Coconut

Relax and sit back in your tropical hideaway with the flavor of the islands in your coffee! Surprisingly, the Enchanted Tiki Coconut blend is a stronger roast than the previous ones I’ve tried from Trader Sam’s. In fact, the coffee flavor is so bold that the coconut becomes an aftertaste rather than a prominent flavor. I’m no stranger to coconut in my coffee, from flavored creamer to iced coffee with coconut milk. It took me a few sips to get used to, but I ended up really enjoying it. This seasonal flavor is Trader Sam's first spring/summer roast and is only available through the end of August. If you want to send your tastebuds on a South Seas trip (or at least to the far corners of Adventureland), then don't wait too long or this little coffee will fly away!

Trader Sam's Roundup Roast Campfire S’mores

YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAW! Welcome to the Trader Sam's corral. Woody's Backyard Barbecue may have been evicted from Disneyland, but we can still celebrate the spirit of that wondrous establishment through this new roast. I’m always wary of chocolate flavored coffee as I generally don't enjoy them. Of the initial batch of Trader Sam’s brews, the only one I disliked was the Mad Tea Party Chocolate Biscotti (Bye, Felicia!). Since Roundup Roast features the mix of chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker, I was worried chocolate would be the dominant flavor. Thankfully, this blend is a delight and chocolate is a quiet undertone, with the graham cracker and marshmallow flavors standing out. Bravo on this one!

Roundhouse Roast

Roundhouse Roast is dedicated to Walt Disney's love of trains and is a perfect pairing to the Main Street U.S.A. Columbian roast. A blend of two types of Arabica beans, it's a bit bolder than the Main Street blend and you'll feel ready for a day of workin' on the railroad. This blend does have hints of citrus, dark chocolate and sweet pecans, but the only one I was able to pick up on is the citrus, and only as an aftertaste. If you're not a fan of flavored coffee, but you're a big Disney fan who needs Trader Sam's in your life, then you can't go wrong with this one. Being a richer blend, this one is priced higher than the other blends at $13.00 instead of $11.00.

Final Thoughts

All three of these new blends from Trader Sam's are fantastic, but I would rank them in this order: Roundup Roast, Roundhouse Roast, and Enchanted Tiki Coconut. There are two other flavors that were introduced between these reviews that I haven't tried, Plus Ultra Vanilla and Happily Never After. If they're anything like the brews I've tried before from Trader Sam's, they should also be amazing. Fans should also be on the lookout for a Pirates-themed blend coming at the end of July and this fall there will be two seasonal blends as well (Please, punpkin spice, please, pumpkin spice, please, pumpkin spice... PUMPKIN SPICE!! PUMPKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!)

Fans can buy Trader Sam's Coffee Company products directly from their website where in addition to coffee, you can also find artwork and apparel.