A few weeks ago, I received an email from Pley with a spoiler of which Princess would be featured in the upcoming box. We learned that she wears purple, has long blonde hair, and has been locked in a tower most of her life.

That's right — our big, pink Pley box featured Rapunzel, and with new episodes of Tangled: The Series currently airing on the Disney Channel, the timing could not have been better! This has been the biggest box so far, so my daughter and I could not resist opening it as fast as we could to see what treasures were inside. Every time we get a box, I wonder how the next box could outdo the last, but every month I'm continued to be proven wrong.

The first thing we pulled out was the six piece Tangled: The Series figure toy set. Anyone that's been to the Disney Store would instantly recognize this set that features an assortment of familiar characters along with some of Rapunzel's new pals from the TV show. Not only are they great for play time, they fit perfectly in the cardboard tower that is included with assembly instructions available in the book found inside as well as online in a video format (which I found extremely helpful). The tower is easy to set up and holds up really well! I only found myself using a few pieces of tape to hold a couple things together so it would hold up to the vigorous game play from my daughter.

The next thing we found was Rapunzel's beautiful flower wand. This golden wand is all decked out with gems and flowers and includes two different light settings that are the perfect way for your Princess to feel just like Rapunzel. I appreciate that it's very lightweight because when kids get swinging wands above their heads, you want something that will inflict the least amount of damage and I can happily report that there has been nothing but fun for everyone with this wand.

And, the last thing we found in this box was a paint set that does not need water — every mom's dream come true! I was just as intrigued by this item as my daughter, and it was very fitting for the box. After all, Rapunzel is an amazing artist, so clearly this was a huge win. This set features five "paint brushes" a pad to paint on, and an envelope that your little artist can keep all their artwork in. I can't say enough good things about this set! Upon opening the paint set, you'll find that they are markers with tips that look and paint like paintbrushes, giving you the effect of painting with a paintbrush with no mess. That's right; no mess. My daughter can play with this easily and I don't have to worry about cleaning up gobs of paint or spilled water.

Like I said before, I don't know how they do it, but they exceed my expectations every time we get a new box. As we continue to receive boxes, I'm more and more impressed that they not only fill it with toys, they put in things that are mom approved and even educational. If you aren't getting this box for your little Princess yet, don't wait — get yours today at Pley.com/disney-princess

Lauren Showgren
Lauren has been a Disney fan all her life. On her first birthday, she received a copy of the Disney Sing-a-long, Disneyland Fun, and ever since that, she's been hardcore in learning everything she can about the park. Another one of her favorite aspects is the food and she enjoys recreating those recipes to share with her friends and family. She also loves any craft that she can add a little bit of Disney magic or a hidden Mickey to make more magical.