Descendants 2 was the first Disney Channel Original Movie to debut across six television networks and broke viewing records set by the first film. Arriving on DVD just a few weeks later, this release includes the film, a handful of bonus features, and an exclusive necklace. Get ready to sing and dance along to your favorite moments from Descendants 2!

Struggling to find her place in Auradon, Mal ditches her perfect life with King Ben to return home to the Isle of the Lost. But when her friends follow her home, a new group of villains lead by Uma (daughter of Ursula) abducts King Ben to gain power. A new battle is about to begin, do Evie and her friends have what it takes to win?

Descendants 2 reunites Mal (Dove Cameron), Evie (Sofia Carson), Carlos (Cameron Boyce) and Jay (Booboo Stewart) for another musical adventure. Newcomers include China Anne McClain as Uma, a Disney Channel alumni from the TV series Ant-Farm, as well as Thomas Doherty as Henry. These new kids in town are the descendants of Ursula and Captain Hook, with the sea witch’s voice provided by Whoopi Goldberg.

My one complaint about the sequel is that Maleficent spends the whole film as a lizard, meaning no Kristin Chenoweth. Not even Kathy Najimy was called back, which is very odd considering so much of this sequel takes place on the Isle of the Lost. Wouldn’t the parents realize their kids are in town if a big battle is going on?

The music is solid and my personal favorite song in the sequel are “Chillin’ Like a Villain” and the duet between Mal and Evie, “The Space Between.” While Mal is the star character of both films, Sofia Carson once again steals the show as Evie. Disney Channel, get this girl her own series already!

Descendants 2 is clearly not the last entry in the series, but it offers a fun follow up to the first film. It’s not as solid of a story as the first, but Kenny Ortega keeps it lively and entertaining while diving deeper into Mal’s character. But for the third installment, I demand that the adult villains make their triumphant return.

Bonus Features

  • Cast Secrets (4:47) – The five main cast members (Dove, Sofia, China, Cameron, and Booboo) answer questions about their favorite Disney villains and some behind the scenes secrets.
  • Bloopers (0:57) – A quick reel of mistakes that happened on set.
  • Extended Song: “The Space Between” (3:28) – The complete, uncut version of this duet is presented as it could have appeared in the final film.
  • Deleted Song: “If Only” (1:17) – A reprise of the ballad from the first film almost appeared in the sequel, sung by Mal while deciding whether or not to go to cotillion.
  • Alternate Ending 1 (0:27) – Instead of Uma’s post-credit tag, we almost had Henry.
  • Alternate Ending 2 (0:16) – Instead of Uma or Henry, we could have also had more Dizzy.
  • Descendants: Wicked World Shorts (51:39) – 18 episodes from season 1 are presented individually or as a “Play All” feature.
    • Evie’s Explosion of Taste (1:53)
    • Mal’s Digi-Image Problem (1:53)
    • Audrey’s New Do? New Don’t! (1:53)
    • Careful What You Wish For (1:53)
    • Voodoo? You Do (2:23)
    • Lamp Sweet Lamp (2:23)
    • Genie Chic (2:38)
    • Puffed Deliciousness (2:23)
    • Good is the New Bad (3:23)
    • Spirit Day (2:38)
    • I’m Your Girl (2:38)
    • Mash It Up (2:38)
    • All Hail the New Q.N.L.B. (3:23)
    • Mad for Tea (3:53)
    • Carpet Jacked (3:38)
    • The Night is Young (3:53)
    • Neon Lights Out (3:53)
    • Hooked On Ben (4:08)
  • Descendants: Wicked World Music Videos (6:51)
    • “Good is the New Bad” (2:02)
    • “I’m Your Girl” (2:32)
    • “The Night is Young” (2:17)

There is also a physical bonus, a free necklace with five villain charms. The black woven rope has clasps to tie it around your neck and Mal’s heart is already on the chain. In a sealed bag, charms that represent Evie (heart with crown), Henry (crossbones), jay (snake), and Uma (Pirate with tentacles) are also included.

Packaging & Design

Descendants 2 comes in a standard black DVD case. The case fits inside a foil embossed slipcover and inserts include the aforementioned necklace, a code for 100 Disney MovieR Rewards points, and a flier for Disney Movie Club.

If you choose Disney’s FastPlay option, the disc opens with ads for the Walt Disney Signature Collection and Pixar’s Coco before the film and bonus features play. When all of the content is finished, you get additional promos for Disney Movie Rewards, Ducktales, Big Hero 6: The Series, and Disneynature Dolphins. The main menu features an instrumental version of “Ways to be Wicked” with clips of the main characters.

Final Thoughts

Descendants 2 is a worthy follow up to the first film and this DVD release has some worthwhile bonus features, including deleted scenes and the entire first season of Wicked World. With the addition of a bonus necklace, fans of the film will definitely want to add this to their collection.