Disney Hyperion is prepared for back-to-school  with a new children's book called Fall is for School. Fall is my favorite season, but as a kid I always dreaded the end of August as the start of school drew closer. This book is full of the optimism and hope that a new school year can bring.

A brother and a sister both have very different feelings about the coming of Fall. The older brother doesn't want to go back to school and would prefer to stay home and have an extended summer. His younger sister, on the other hand, can't stop talking about all of the exciting things they're going to learn and all of the fun school activities the season will bring. In the end, he is just as excited about school as she is.

Told as a long poem back and forth between the brother and sister, Writer Robert Neubecker has a lot of fun with this subject. As you go further into the pages, his imagination runs wild with images of the kids taking a trip through history with Roman's, Egyptians, and dinosaurs, plus a futuristic trip to outer space. His artistic style feels somewhat influenced by Family Circus, but also has his own unique quality.

Fall is for School is recommended for ages 3 to 5, but a lot of the subject matter discussed is more relevant for elementary school. If your kids need a little inspiration to get ready for the end of summer, this book might just help motivate them, a reminder of the fun and excitement that a new school year can hold. This book is a follow up to another by the same author, Winter is for Snow.