If you thought The Last Jedi was going to be the best Disney production of 2017, then you clearly are unaware of a truly spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event that's taking place in Los Angeles this weekend and this weekend only. Of course, we're referring to the live show, The Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl, which will be a live-show performed by The Muppets at LA's historic Hollywood Bowl. The show is one of the few live shows that the Muppets have ever done, the last being at Montreal's Just for Laughs festival in 2012, but prior to that, in 2001. Live Muppet shows have so far been rare, and the Hollywood Bowl performance will certainly be historic, and the only ones who will know for sure are those in attendance.

As of yet, there will be no official video of the event, no officially released clips, or sharing this video on the web in any form. This event will, therefore, be truly historic and not to be missed, blending all the creativity that you love about The Muppets and presenting it in a brilliant two-hour show. Today, we're taking a look at some of the things we're most excited for from The Muppets Take The Bowl this weekend.

The Behind-the-Scenes Brilliance of The Muppets

Depending on whether or not you'll be looking at the stage or one of the giant screens of the Hollywood Bowl, you might be getting a bit of a different experience. The screens above the stage will show, The Muppets performing a live version of The Muppet Show, but on-stage, you'll get a bit of a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes of what goes into making the Muppets so magical. That's because the Muppet performers that bring life to the characters will be on hand performing the characters, live. For fans like myself who crave behind-the-scenes knowledge of what goes into making the magic, this is a wonderful treat, and it would be amazing to see the masters at work and to see how one can be lost within the illusion that this great artistry can do.

The First Public Performance of Matt Vogel as Kermit the Frog

Earlier this summer, longtime Muppet performer Matt Vogel was announced as the newest performer of Kermit the Frog. We've only seen a bit of Vogel's Kermit in interviews and a couple of Muppet Thought of the Week videos, but Vogel is already off to a great start. This weekend will be the first public performance of Vogel as the world's most famous frog, and we'll be eagerly awaiting to see what his performance will have in store.

Nostalgia, Hilarity and Show-Stopping Performances:

The Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl plays off many of the things The Muppets have built their brand upon, and that, of course, is their variety show format. Their weekend performance will not only be hilarious, but they'll be delivering in essence, a live version of The Muppet Show, complete with nostalgic Pigs in Space and Veterinarians Hospital segments, surprise guest stars, and of course, show stopping musical numbers, one as we currently know, by Miss Piggy. The Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl is a show that celebrates everything that makes The Muppets so phenomenal and contributes to the legacy of the characters.

Testing the Waters for the Future:

While The Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl is a one-time only event, we sure hope that if successful, it will inspire Disney, or specifically Disney Theatrical to consider taking this show on the road and giving fans around North America the opportunity to see the show. We do hope that The Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl can pave the way to perhaps a limited Broadway run, a traveling show, or even an annual show at the Hollywood Bowl in future years to come. There's only one way to find out, and that's by seeing The Muppets perform live this weekend only!

Tickets are still available for the event and can be purchased on the Hollywood Bowl's website. For any Muppet fans located near the California area, this is an event not to be missed, and for all of us unable to make it, hopefully Disney will be kind enough to release some video a bit further down the line. Until then, there's only one way to experience this, and that's by purchasing your tickets here.