Welcome, foolish mortals, to the fourth installment of Funko's bi-monthly subscription service, Disney Treasures. Our journey along the treasure map started in Pirate's Cove, then brought us to the Festival of Friends, and last time we got small in Tiny Town. But the season of the witch is upon us and our travels have brought us to the Haunted Forest. So keep your hand at the level of your eye as we meander through this forest of no return!

Lifting the fist flap of the box, we find this month's extra spooky pin and patch. It appears that you are, in fact, the fairest in the land with this Slave in the Magic Mirror patch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. You'll also discover just how sssssssssssnake-like you can be with this Evil Sorcerer Jafar pin from Aladdin. Don these items appropriately as you do your routine October bidding.

A first for the series, we get a canvas tote bag featuring a Pop! Vinyl styled Zero from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. We are living in a material world and now you can be a material ghoul. I don't know about you, but I'm going to fill mine up with all things pumpkin spice. If this crate is a gift for your kids, it will also make a great trick-or-treat bag. Best of all, it glows in the dark! If your supermarket loses power, Zero can lead the way out!

Once again, the map features some fun facts about the items in this month's crate as well as artwork on how each exclusive piece was crafted.

The first figure out of the box is looking for some puppies, so hide the pooch! Cruella De Vil is looking ultra chique in her Dorbz debut, wearing her iconic fox tail fur coat. She's ready for a snowy evening rounding up ninety-nine puppies for her next fashion feaux pas. Magnefique, Cruella!

The Mystery Mini and Collectable Tin comes to us from the far corner of New Orleans Square in Disneyland park. The Haunted Mansion has materialized for this swinging crate and has selected the Hatbox Ghost to follow you home! This transparent figure features some great details and he's hoping there's room for one more at your place.

Saving the best for last, it's the mistress of all evil as never seen before... in Pop! Vinyl form, that is. It appears that those pesky good fairies have ticked Maleficent off for the last time. Now you'll have to deal with her, and all the powers of this oversized vinyl! She really is large, so make extra space on... wherever it is you store your Pop! Vinyls, because she needs room to grow! Some imagination, huh?

As you can see, the Haunted Forest offered more treats than tricks. Nobody knows what's in store for Disney Treasures subscribers this time next year, but I'm secretly hoping the Haunted Forest gets a second act. If so, I think the ultimate "Disney Halloween Treat" would be a Chernabog figure with hinged wings, Witch Hazel from Donald Duck's Trick-or-Treat, and the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Make it happen, Funko!

Subscribers can expect their next crate in December when we take a trip to Snowflake Mountain. If the silhouette is any indication, we can expect to find Bambi there having a lot of fun sliding on the ice in his first winter. The logo also suggest perhaps a nod to the Matterhorn or Expedition Everest (Disco Yeti Pop! Vinyl?). And perhaps Elsa is at the top of that mountain, setting off an eternal winter everywhere! We will find out in December. If you'd like to join this hunt for Disney Treasures, you can sign-up at the Official Funko Website. For a limited time, subscribers are also able to purchase the previous three crates in the series!