Disney Junior’s Vampirina may have debuted only a few weeks ago, but Disney is prepared for this future hit with its first DVD release which was released on October 17th just in time for Halloween. This quick release allows kids to own a piece of their new favorite show to enjoy over and over again. There’s no doubt in my mind that this show is going to be a big deal for years to come.

Vampirina and her vampire parents just moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania where she is nervous about how she will fit in. She quickly becomes close with a neighborhood girl named Poppy, who soon discovers all of the spooky secrets in her house such as a ghost, talking gargoyle, monster plant, and werewolf dog. Poppy thinks all the weird stuff is cool, but Vampirina’s other friends scare a little easier.

Vee, as her friends call her, is still getting the hang of her vampire powers and sometimes turns into a bat uncontrollably. Her house features wallpaper patterns that feel inspired by The Haunted Mansion with blacks and browns juxtaposed against kid friendly colors that still harken back to the macabre, like green, purple, orange and ghostly blue. The recurring theme of each episode is learning to celebrate the qualities that make kids unique rather than trying to hide them.

This DVD release presents the first four episodes of the series, which are each split into two parts. The episodes on this disc are “Going Batty/Scare B&B,” “The Sleepover/Portrait of a Vampire,” “Vee’s Surprise Party/Vee Goes Viral,” and “The Plant Predicament/Mummy Mayhem.” Each of the episodes contains new songs that kids will fall in love with.

Bonus Features

None on disc and no physical bonus either, which is typically standard with Disney Junior releases.

Packaging & Design

Vampirina comes in a standard black DVD case without a slipcover. The only insert is a flier for 100 points through Disney Movie Rewards.

Using Disney’s Fast-Play service, the disc opens with ads for Pixar’s Coco and Disneynature Dolphins. There are no additional ads once the episodes finish. The main menu features a static image of Vampirina and her parents in front of their new home while an instrumental version of the theme song plays.

Final Thoughts

Vampirina is a great show and kids who love the series will be excited to own the first four episodes. This release was obviously rushed, with no bonus features or goodies inside the case for kids to play with. However, the price is right if you’re looking to entertain your kids for 90-minutes worth of mildly spooky Vampirina fun.