With the news that Disney had talked to 21st Century Fox about acquiring some of their assets, we couldn't help but think about what they could be getting. While negotiations are supposedly not ongoing, after a positive reaction from Wall Street, there's always a chance things could change. As Disney was reported to not be interested in the Fox network, news operation, and sports, we came up with a list of 21 things Disney would (presumably) get if the transaction were to go through.

Star Wars: A New Hope

While Disney (through Lucasfilm) owns the rights to all other Star Wars films, the one that started it all remains at Fox. For that reason, when the films were released digitally, it is the only film to retain the Fox Fanfare. Not only would a Fox acquisition bring all the films together but perhaps Disney would also consider returning the wonderful Fox intro to the other Star Wars films.


With Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the biggest hole in the shared universe concept are the X-Men. While they played a huge role in reviving the superhero genre, their last film was considered disappointing. Perhaps Kevin Feige and his team can work their MCU magic on the franchise much as they did with Sony's Spider-Man. As Deadpool is considered part of the X-Men franchise, will Disney finally make their first R-rated superhero film? Bob Iger said they had no interest in making one, but perhaps that would change if it were under a different banner.

Fantastic Four

Similar to the X-Men, the Fantastic Four were farmed out to Fox before Marvel started making their own movies. Unlike the X-Men, there has never been a good Fantastic Four film, resulting in the death of the franchise. Does Kevin Feige have the secret ingredient to make the first family of Marvel a success?

Home Alone

The first Home Alone (and perhaps the second) are modern holiday classics. This leads us to believe that Disney could tap that popularity for some sort of seasonal offering in their parks. Additionally, while there are already five Home Alone installments, this seems like a franchise that could easily be extended on home video or, say, a streaming service of sorts... even in an age of cell phones.


The Alien franchise may no longer be at Disney Parks with the closing of The Great Movie Ride. But Alien would give The Walt Disney Company their first major horror franchise. While the latest outing was a disappointment, this seems like a franchise that will eventually have a resurgence. Not to mention, it's high time for Stitch to be evicted from Tomorrowland — how about a real Alien Encounter?


Whether he is taking on aliens or battling humans, the Predator is one of those franchises that seems destined to come back around every generation or so. Next time he comes around, he could be Disney.

Ice Age

Unlike the real Ice Age, this franchise seems destined to last forever. While not considered a peak of the animation genre, you can't deny the franchise's popularity. But how would Disney handle another animation studio? Would John Lasseter extend his reach to a fourth studio or would it operate independently?

National Geographic

Perhaps a great fit for the Disneynature brand as well as Disney's Animal Kingdom, National Geographic has a long history of sharing the world with its readers and viewers.


Everyone thinks this movie is Disney, so might as well make it one. The movie inspired a Broadway show that is currently enjoying a solid run.

The Simpsons

With The Simpsons, Disney would gain the most successful animated television show of all time. They also continue their conquest of properties that have a presence at Universal theme parks.

Doctor Dolittle

Three words: Disney's Animal Kingdom — just as long as Eddie Murphy doesn't wander over to the Haunted Mansion for any reason.

Planet of the Apes

10 years ago, this would be a franchise that Disney probably wouldn't consider doing much with. However, the current run of films have been successful and well-received by audiences and critics alike. Opportunities here range from retheming the treehouse attractions (although the apes are probably a bit too evolved for that now) or perhaps the addition of another Planet beside Pandora.

Modern Family

While Modern Family is the most successful ABC show in recent memory, it's not actually owned by Disney. As you've probably guessed by now, the show is, instead, produced by Fox, which may give Disney a bit more incentive to snap up that television studio.


When it hit airwaves 2009, Glee became something of a cultural phenomenon. Unfortunately, diminishing returns in terms of quality during subsequent seasons led to its relatively quick demise (this was before Ryan Murphy realized he could just create shows that were contained to a single season). Still, especially in a world where ABC brings American Idol back, there's definitely room in the Disney canon for some more starry-eyed singing teenagers. Plus, with Disney Channel recently introducing their first LGBT storyline, maybe a Glee reboot for the network isn't so far-fetched.

American Crime Story

Speaking of Ryan Murphy, Glee was just the beginning of his relationship with Fox. Although his Scream Queens show was killed after two years on Fox broadcast, American Horror Story and American Crime Story have been big hits for cable's FX. For one, acquiring these properties would mean Disney could file both American Crime and American Crime Story in their library. But, more importantly, the company would easily lay claim to the O.J. Simpson resurgence that came with the airing of ACS's first season and the Oscar-winning 30 for 30 documentary.

Night at the Museum

This family-friendly franchise has been very successful over the years. Perhaps the franchise could continue but instead focus on a magical overnight at a Disney park. Disney is already essentially doing this concept with the long-in-the-works Magic Kingdom, so maybe embracing a Night spinoff angle would help that project get off the ground.


Obviously, Pandora is now open at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Perhaps it was the key to beginning the conversations of a bigger relationship, much as the Star Tours redo opened the door for Disney to buy Lucasfilm. Perhaps we could see other portals to Pandora at other Disney destinations across the world.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Disney is known for doing their Not-So-Scary version of Halloween. With Rocky Horror, Disney could have a more adult option (perhaps a hard-ticket event at Disney's Hollywood Studios?) Also, isn't time to bring midnight movies to Disney Springs?

Sound of Music

Disney could finally unite Julie Andrews' biggest roles under one umbrella. With Mary Poppins and Maria, Julie Andrews cemented her landmark status in the pantheon of movie musicals. If the deal happens, expect many airings during the 25 Days of Christmas.

Die Hard

Speaking of the 25 Days of Christmas, if the deal goes through, they could air the best Christmas movie of all time. Yippie Ki Yay!

Snow White and the Three Stooges

Disney might have the best version of Snow White ever made. That being said, does Fox have the second best? Can you think of anything better than the beauty of Snow White matched with the highbrow humor of the Three Stooges?