Disney's Art of Coloring series has been going strong for several years now, with books themed to various films, franchises, and television series. It's a bit surprising that it's taken almost three years for the mouse that started it all to get an art therapy book all his own. But wrongs are now righted and he is joined by his main squeeze in Art of Coloring: Mickey & Minnie.

Unlike past Art of Coloring entires, this one actually provides history and insight, essentially telling the story of Mickey's shorts, comics, and features over the years. I got giddy while turning the pages as I discovered collages made up of actual character artwork, full posters from shorts and features ranging from Steamboat Willie in 1928 to Get a Horse! in 2013, plus full black & white comic panels by Floyd Gottfredson. In other words, this is the coolest Art of Coloring book Disney has ever produced!

There are a small number of pages with collages that offer virtually no opportunity for color, including one of Minnie Mouse from Steamboat Willie cranking a cat's tail (she and the cat are already black, leaving just her skirt to color). But this is rare in this book, unlike in The Nightmare Before Christmas' embarrassing coloring release. When available, the pages give credit to the original artists including Ub Iwerks and Eric Goldberg, in addition to Gottfredson.

The shorts and films that have posters recreated for your coloring pleasure are Steamboat Willie, Wild Waves, The Shindig, Barnyard Olympics, The Musical Farmer, Mickey's Nightmare, The Whoopee Party, The Wayward Canary, The Klondike Kid, Building a Building, Mickey's Good Deed, Mickey's Pal Pluto, Ye Olden Days, Mickey's Mechanical Man, The Band Concert, Mickey's Rival, Magician Mickey, Hawaiian Holiday, Clock Cleaners, The Brave Little Tailor, Society Dog Show, Tugboat Mickey, Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip, Fantasia, The Little Whirlwind, First Aiders, Bath Day, Pluto's Sweater, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Runaway Brain, The Three Musketeers, and Get a Horse! In addition, there are pages with characters from Mickey and the Beanstalk (Fun & Fancy Free) and The Mickey Mouse Club, in addition to the TV special Totally Minnie!, and the album Disco Mickey Mouse. That's a pretty comprehensive list, and then you add decades of Mickey's comic adventures.

If you're looking for the most perfect entry in the Art of Coloring series so far, look no further. The decades of history, additional information behind Mickey's appearances, and variety of coloring options makes Art of Coloring: Mickey & Minnie a perfect way to relax for the most diehard Disney fan. This would make a perfect gift for the Disney fan in your life who is hard to shop for. And now that the door is open to the world of Disney shorts, I would love to see a Silly Symphonies release just like this.