November 10, 2017

To go or not to go…

5:00 pm on a Friday night, long and busy workweek, eventful family week, notifications that Disneyland Resort parking was full (all of it), and a 6:30 pm dinner event in Downtown Disney District.

Do we drive 60+ minutes and hope for the best? Or accept the fact that the Holidays have officially begun at the Disneyland Resort and that it may not be an ideal time to visit for this quick evening event?

We sucked it up, hopped in the car, and drove out to Anaheim knowing that once we got out there and were fully immersed in the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort, we would be at peace with it all.

Lucky for us, the Mickey and Friends structure opened and we parked with ease. Hopping off the tram and into the Winter Wonderland, being surrounded by Holiday music and the energy of the bustling atmosphere made it all feel right.

We arrived about 10-15 minutes late for the event at Tortilla Jo’s and eight other bloggers were already seated at the table in a family-style type of arrangement. Freshly made guacamole and margaritas were being enjoyed by all and we were welcomed with open arms by the other writers as well as the hosts from Tortilla Jo’s.

As a new mixture of the famous table-side guacamole was being prepared, we were all exchanging our greetings and introductions. It's rare to be surrounded by a group of people who share your deep passion for Disney, but when it happens it's very refreshing.

Everyone pulled out their phones to take pictures to share via Social Media as the new guacamole, which had a little more spice to it, was served at the table.

We were then informed that five main dishes were on their way from the kitchen. We cleared out the table as best as we could to make room.

The main dishes included:

  • Huaraches - Fried Masa Boats topped with Beef, Refried Beans, Sour Cream, Cotija Cheese, Shredded Lettuce, and Salsa Verde.
  • Enchiladas Suizas - Corn Tortillas, Cilantro-Pasilla Marinated Chicken, Suiza Salsa and Mexican Cheeses.
  • Enchiladas de Mole - Corn Tortillas, Shredded Chicken, Sweet Chile Mole Sauce, Toasted Sesame Seeds, Queso Cotija, and Crema Fresca.
  • Enchiladas de Camarron - Corn Tortillas, Shrimp Ragu, Tomatos, Onions, Salsa Ranchera, Cilantro topped with Jalapeño Cabbage Slaw and Avacado.
  • Tacos de Carnitas - Corn Tortillas with Carnitas and Onion-Cilantro mix.

After enjoying the food, bowls of rice and beans were set on the table for us to enjoy while we waited for our dessert - Churros with caramel filling drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Overall, it was a fun event, with great people, in a wonderful venue, with amazing food. And while the main dishes and desserts were delightful, my wife summed up the highlight of the evening as, “It all comes back to the guacamole.”

Happy National Guacamole Day!