Star Tours - The Adventures Continue at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Way back in 2011, I remember being at the Disney Parks Blog meet up for the launching of "Star Tours - The Adventure Continues" and being blown away at the change one of my childhood attractions had undergone. From a whole new queue, to amazing 3D, and the ability to experience over 50 different versions of the attraction I was in Star Wars heaven! But just about 2 years ago, they not only added Jakku from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but they also added in some small variations to the preexisting scenes. The additions of the battle of Jakku and the additional variations took one of the most re-rideable attractions in any Disney park and not only made it better, it made it relevant to the most recently released Skywalker based Star Wars film.


As of November 17, 2017 you can hop on a Starspeeder 1000 and jump right into Episode VIII. The changes were teased as the addition Crait, but it turns out there is SO MUCH MORE.

Baymax says go no further unless you like spoilers.

As a die hard Star Wars and Star Tours fan, I normally expect everyone to understand my babble of names and planets, but in this case I will do my best to break it down scene by scene for the new adventure. First, if you have not been on Star Tours since pre 2010 this will not help you much to understand what the attraction is now and just to get it out of the way there seems to be no change to anything in the queue. Everything moving forward is once you are seated in your Starspeeder with your seatbelt fastened and all carry-ons placed under your seat.

Scene 1 - The Escape

The first scene has 2 versions:

The first being the "we need a proper pilot" as C-3PO says, where the probe droid stops you and scans for the "Rebel Spy" while in the background the Millennium Falcon sits with Stormtroopers talking with the captain. In the updated version you see Rey and BB-8, where previously we had seen Han Solo, before the Falcon flies out and your Starspeeder follows.

The second version, previously featuring Darth Vader stopping your ship to track down the "Rebel Spy," now features Kylo Ren with updated ships and Stormtroopers. He pretty much does the same thing his Grandfather did.

Jump to lightspeed

Scene 2 - Jakku

This scene is the same that has been on the attraction for the past 2 years with no changes, but keep an eye out for everyone's favorite Starspeeder captain who will become a DJ in a few years, being drug across the screen (he's been there from the start.)

Scene 3 - Transmission

This "break in the action" scene previously featuring Yoda, Princess Leia, and Admiral Ackbar now has BB-8 (returning), Poe Dameron, or Maz Kanata. Kanata, who is in the middle of a battle of her own, shares how "the shadow of the Dark Side is spreading across the galaxy" and how we are needed to help fight with the Resistance.

Scene 4 - Crait

As we come out of lightspeed, we fly over a beautiful scene of Crait. But as C-3PO asks R2-D2 if they are in the right place, we end up in the middle of a Tie-Fighter battle before taking a turn into a red crystal cavern. The crystal cavern is a breathtaking scene with huge crystals our Starspeeder has to shoot before we run into them. The breakout of the cave is a throwback to the comets from the original Star Tours. Once out of the cave, we are on the battlefield of Crait, as seen in the first teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, flying along side Poe and his squad who are facing off against All-Terrain Megacaliber Six (upgraded AT-ATs.)


As we are flying across the battlefield two major things happen. General Hux shows up on the side screen just in time for us to hear him order us all executed. There is also payoff to a joke set up in the pre-show video, as the red dust of Crait cover the view screen and R2 activates the windshield wipers that the pit-droid had issues with before we boarded. After helping blow up one of the All-Terrain Megacaliber Six we point skyward to see an armada of Star Destroyers merging in what looks like a blockade before our final jump to lightspeed.

Scene 5 - Space Port

After coming out of lightspeed, C-3PO proclaims "we'll be safe here on Batuu...I hope" we fly into a space port that is on the Galaxy's Edge as guest are given their first look at one of the most ever anticipated additions to a Disney Park.


With this update of Star Tours: The Adventure Continues it seems that not only will Star Wars: The Last Jedi have some great action, but the pieces that tie this greater universe are coming together. To steal a line from Marvel #ITSALLCONNECTED

For more amazing Star Wars/Disney adventure, if you are in the Walt Disney World area for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15 you stick around for what promises to be every Star Wars fan's dream Star Wars: Galactic Nights event at Disney's Hollywood Studios on December 16th!

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