Raglan Road - Disney Springs

For 12 years, I have walked passed Raglan Road, always hearing a great time inside. Yet, the last time I was in that building was the late 90s when it was still the Pleasure Island Jazz Company. Thankfully, that all changed when I was invited (along with a few other media outlets) to enjoy a good night of food, music, and friends.

Raglan Road - Disney Springs

Raglan Road was founded by two true Irishmen, Paul Nolan and John Cooke, who brought what they enjoyed from Ireland, including some of their favorite dishes and all the furniture in the place.

Raglan Road founders Paul Nolan and John Cooke

I could pick every item I ate that night and go on and on about how good it is, but I am a firm believer in "a picture is worth a thousand words" so I will start with some of the appetizers, which alone had us worried how we would make it to dessert. Honestly, everything here is amazing!

Though I do not partake in the spirts, the folks I was with enjoyed these greatly.

For the main course, I went the easy route and did Fish & Chips, mostly to save room to sample a bit of everyone's plate — and sample I did. Everything that was tasted that night was made to perfection, leading me to start kicking myself for all the times I passed this place up (I will never do it again).

If the main courses didn't have you ready to book your Minnie Van to Disney Springs, the dessert will. The Bread & Butter Pudding had, more than a few times, driven one of my fellow dinners to make an extra stop after work.

One of the unique aspects of Raglan Road is the live entertainment with an ever-changing lineup — you never know who you will see entertaining guests.

To sum up: GO EAT AT RAGLAN ROAD! If you are not up for a full sit down meal, the quick service Cooke's of Dublin next do is another great options.

For more information, menu, and a look at upcoming events visit RaglanRoad.com.