Marvel Superhero Adventures is a new early reader series from Marvel Press. The first volume follows Spider-Man and his friends in a holiday story. Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Deck the Malls! is the perfect way to get kids reading and get them into the Christmas spirit.

Peter Parker and Aunt May are in line for the new Stark Watch and Peter is being a little selfish, leaving Aunt May to wait in line while he goes off to make a list of things he wants. But while browsing for books with Gwen, Venom arrives to try and latch on to Peter! Now Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen have to fight through the mall to stop Venom and keep the shoppers safe. Through this fight, Peter also learns that at Christmas, it's better to give than to receive.

Comic artist Sean Ryan has created some eye popping artwork that features these characters in a younger-looking, kid-friendly style. The story is by MacKenzie Cadenhead, a former editor for Marvel Comics, and she has fun creating a story based on Marvel's most iconic character for kids, Spider-Man.

If your kids are learning to read and love watching Spider-Man on Disney XD, then they will love Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Deck the Malls! This series is also a great way to introduce kids to Marvel characters in a kid-friendly way. Future volumes will feature other Marvel characters along with more Spider-Man adventures, allowing these classic comic icons to be part of their lives before they graduate to comics.