Papillon is a kitty who is so fluffy, he can float! I was first introduced to this little marshmallow last year in his debut childrens book, The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon by A. N. Kang. He's back, and he's not feeling very well in The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon Goes to the Vet.

At the start of the story, Papillon is playing floating catch with his bird friend when he accidentally swallows his toy and comes down with a case of the hiccups, which prevent him from floating. His owner takes him to the vet, who keeps him over night. While there, he meets a bunch of beautiful cats and begins to doubt the things that make him special. But when he coughs up the toy while playing with his new friends, he regains his unique qualities and teaches his new friends his special game.

In Despicable Me, Agnes sees a fluffy unicorn plush and exclaims "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" That's exactly how I feel about Papillon and many of Kang's illustrations are so charming and adorable that you just want to hug the pages. Papillon has a celebratory pose towards the end of the book when he's riding in the bike basket wearing his blanket like a cape and I defy anybody to not smile while reading this book.

The important lesson kids will take away from The Very Fluffy Kitty, Papillon Goes to the Vet is that the things that make them unique should be celebrated. It's an important reminder that they are a special individual and that nobody else is quite like them. You can celebrate their individuality by sharing Papillon's adventures with them.