There may not be new episodes of Gravity Falls in the works, but Disney Press is ready to satisfy fan's appetites with a really fun coloring book. Gravity Falls: DON'T COLOR THIS BOOK! It's CURSED! Is just as much a new story as it is a coloring book. In fact, most of the pages have at least a little color, a few already colored completely for you. It's weird, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As readers/colorers will learn early on, Mabel found a blank sketch book in Dipper's belongings and began to draw in it when the book began to write back. In interdementional being named Chamelius Pendraggin has sent books just like this into multiple dimensions to document their color and Dipper accidentally got pulled in. If Dipper and Mabel will help him document the colors of our dimension, he will show them a never before seen color, which ends up being called "Shmerulean." Mabel begins drawing lots of characters from Gravity Falls so you can color them to share them with Chamelius.

The Pigmentologist is occasionally disturbed by what he sees, but really likes pictures of Soos and keeps asking for more of the "Good boy." Dipper and Mabel also throw in a few mazes, a color by number pig that comes out wrong, and a game board with no instructions, but fans will need a die and two pennies in order to play. But colorists beware... the further you venture into this coloring book, you may notice less colors in our dimension. Does Chamelius have devious motives? Yes... yes he does.

Gravity Falls: DON'T COLOR THIS BOOK! It's CURSED! is a fun read/coloring book/interdimensional portal that Gravity Falls fans will love. Fans of the colors orange and blue are likely to be personally offended. If you don't heed the titular warning, at least have the curtesy to use all the crayons that you have on this to complete the knowledge share with the devious Pigmentologis Chamelius Pendraggin.