If you're like me, you just can't stop thinking about those adorable porgs in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What started as a creative necessity to hide the puffins on Malin Head became a worldwide phenomenon and there is no shortage of porg products to satisfy your every whim. For parents with younglings still in need of bedtime stories comes such a product, Star Wars: Chewie and the Porgs.

When I think of Chewbacca and porgs, the first image that comes to mind is not good fodder for a children's story. However, Chewie's big heart in that moment... the one where he decides not to eat their grilled friend as they look him in the eyes... does match the theme of this charming and humorous picture book. And if this is to be your child's first introduction to the world of Star Wars, you'll be pleased to know that it starts with the famous words, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

Take your kids on their first trip to Ahch-To with this illustrated story where they briefly meet Luke Skywalker, the caretakers, and those adorable porgs before the Millennium Falcon scares them all with its loud landing. As Rey seeks the last of the Jedi, Chewie finds himself hungry and unable to find food that suits his appetite. On his quest to find food, the curious porgs won't give him a moment of peace. But if he can learn to get on their level and see from their point of view, he just might find that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Kevin Shinick writes this funny tale that answers the question that was burning inside every Star Wars fan: What was Chewbacca doing while Rey was working with Luke? Along the way, he gives some funny Wookie facts that underscore Chewie's actions. And in the process, we also learn a little bit about a porg's diet.

The illustrations are provided by Fiona Hsieh, who specializs in atmospheric landscapes and animals. She beautifully captures the gorgeous island planet of Ahch-To and those intriguing porgs. Disney fans will also be interested to know that she is a graduate of CalArts and is a background painted on Disney Channel's Tangled: The Series.

Star Wars: Chewie and the Porgs is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the cuddlier aspects of a galaxy far, far away. Parents will get a few giggles and kids will surely feel closer to those porg plushes you've no doubt already added to their toy collection. While they may be too young to sit through Star Wars: The Force Awakens, nobody... I repeat, nobody, is too young for porgs.