Learning to sleep alone in your own room is a big adjustment for kids. Brody is a young boy struggling to find comfort in his new, big boy bed in The Perfect Pillow, a new children's book published by Disney Hyperion. This bedtime story is perfect for kids trying to adjust to sleeping on their own.

When Brody can't get cozy in his new bed, he asks his mom if he can sleep with her. When the answer is no, he climbs out of his window to see if he can find comfort sleeping with some of his animal friends. From squirrels to owls and frogs, Brody and his stuffed dragon Horst find that nowhere is better to sleep than in his new home. And with his trusted friend by his side, he learns that the perfect pillow is the one that's always there for you.

Written by Eric Pinder, The Perfect Pillow is full of charm and cute humor. He has a lot to teach kids about the mannerisms of dragons, in addition to creative ways to fall asleep. On a psychological level, reading this story is sure to make both child and parent ready for sweet dreams.

Chris Sheban provides the beautiful illustrations, which have a dream-like hazy quality. His style is so charming and I was particularly drawn to the images of Horst, the adorable green dragon. The images complement the text perfectly and when the text is humorous, the illustrations are equally giggle-worthy.

You and your kids will love reading The Perfect Pillow. Brody is brave enough to sleep on his own (with his dragon friend, that is) and his quest to find a comfy place to sleep can be used to help your kids understand that its time for them to be brave, too. It's a big adjustment for kids to sleep on their own, but with bedtime stories like The Perfect Pillow, parents can help their kids understand that it's nothing to be afraid of.