Moose Toys expands the popular Happy Places toy line with new play sets and blind bags inspired by two of the most beloved Disney Princesses, Rapunzel and Belle. Last fall, I had the pleasure of reviewing a few of the toys from the first wave of releases, with figures inspired by Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, and Belle. To learn more about the line, click here to read our first review.

The Rapunzel Painter's Corner Theme Pack was sent to me in a unique way. Rather than the traditional packaging, she came in a purple box wrapped in yellow  yarn like Rapunzel's hair. The tissue paper inside also surrounded the figure, whose name is Golden Gleam, wears an art smock and is ready to paint the day away. All of the furniture pieces create a little paint studio for her, with brushes, an easel, sink, and palette.

Continuing the Tangled theme, the Rapunzel Arts 'n' Crafts Theme Pack comes with Star Glow and furniture to craft and create. My favorite aspect of this set is the hidden Mickey in the figure's hair. Among the crafting supplies are a sewing machine, glue, yarn, and a stamp with stamp pad.

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast is the Belle Toasty Treats Theme Pack, my favorite play set in this release. The figure is named Katy Petals, whose entire outfit is inspired by Chip, including a teacup ponytail that makes he hair look like it's tea pouring out. Of the furniture, I particularly enjoyed the fireplace set and mantle clock.

As with the previous release, there's a larger house that can house your furniture and figures. This one is called the Style Studio and it comes with an exclusive Rapunzel decor that allows you to create candles and pottery in a kiln. The house itself is full of Disney Princess iconography, with the backside looking like a castle. Some of the icons throughout the house suggest that we may see future sets themed to The Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Aladdin.

Blind Boxes allow kids to add to their collections with mystery furniture. Each box comes with three pieces, themed to Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Belle, or Rapunzel (all items will match the theme of the character inside the first fold of the box). There are 28 possible sets, six of which are limited and harder to find. Out of 14 boxes sent to me, I received doubles four times.

The play possibilities with the Disney Happy Places toy line from Moose Toys are only as limited as your child's imagination. You can decorate and redecorate the Style Studio as many times as you'd like, and you can mix and match the pieces and figures to make extra creative play opportunities. For a better look at all of the pieces in this set, be sure to watch our video review.


After reviewing these pieces, Moose Toys sent another box featuring the Minnie Mouse Waffle Kitchen Theme Pack. This one comes with a figure named Goldie Bow and the kitchen pieces are adorable, such as the paper towel roll and holder. There are two waffles, one Mickey and one Minnie, and a waffle iron that they both can fit into. The whisk fits into the character's hand and the drawers, cabinets, and microwave all open.

We will be at Toy Fair later this month and plan to visit Moose Toys to discover what the future may hold for the Disney Happy Places toy line. Be sure to check back after February 19th to see all of our Toy Fair coverage.