For decades now, Pixar has been home to some of the best storytellers and animators in the industry. Their ability to create films that resonate with both child and adults on multiple levels is one that many studios have tried to replicate but none have truly succeeded in (except for maybe Disney). Proving how creative and special their work is, Pixar has inspired many other artists to put their own spin on some of the classic characters. Whether building upon the theme of the original movie, recreating charcters to live in different styles, or mashing them up with other areas of pop culture, the following are some amazing pieces of Pixar-inspired art — or PixART.

We start with the newest Pixar film to be featured in our collection (sorry, Good Dinosaur) showing the many sides of Mickey Mouse.

By DeviantArt user hentaib2319

I stand almost alone in declaring that Monsters Inc. is my favorite Pixar film. As a result, this awesome shirt needed to be included.

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On the other end of the spectrum, I've never even seen Brave but I love this piece:

By DeviantArt user princekido

On to another Pixar film I don't care all that much for, this comic depicts Finding Nemo IRL.

By DeviantArt user radish-slippers

Technically this is more a piece of Princess Bride art than Pixar, but the Incredibles allusion is brilliant and works really well in this mash-up. You could say it's... inconceivable.

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It's the wrong comic book publisher, but it's still adorable.

By DeviantArt user artistabe

Continuing the mash-up theme, this one image combining Jurassic Park and Toy Story is 10 times better than Jurassic World was in my book (Sorry, Doobie).

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Even if you don't get the Fairly OddParents part of this, the style is incredibly fun — makes me want to watch Ratatouille for sure.

By DeviantArt user sharkie19

Yet another mash-up, but this one stays in the world Pixar and it's insanely clever.

By DeviantArt user seltzeraddict

This representation of Eve and Wall-E as humans is adorable, but am I the only one who think he looks a little like Milo from Atlantis?

By DeviantArt user aeolus06

I may not be the biggest fan of anime, but this is awesome. It even makes Cars look exciting!

By DeviantArt user skylarhege

I have just met this and I love it.

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This almost could have been an early teaser poster for Inside Out, as it does a great job summing up what is a pretty hard-to-explain premise for a film.

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For the Birds is the only short film to be represented in our collection but it also happens to be my favorite one.

By DeviantArt user lastofthelast
By DeviantArt user lastofthelast

Finally, it takes a certain kind of person to really appreciate this Woody from Toy Story/Woody Allen t-shirt and that person is me.

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So which of these PixART pieces was your favorite? Happy Pixar Day!