Warning: this post may contain spoilers for The Force Awakens.

Last night, Adam Driver hosted the first episode of Saturday Night Live of 2016. As you'd expect, the delayed (due to football — Go Cards!) program included a few Star Wars sketches including what was probably the best of the night: Kylo Ren on Undercover Boss.

If you're never watched, CBS's Undercover Boss is a heartwarming reality show that takes high-ranking executives, (attempts to) put them in disguise, and then has them work entry level positions at their company to see what really happens. So what if Kylo Ren were to participate on the show? Would it help bring him back from the Dark Side? Let's find out:

In addition to the hysterical Star Wars element, this sketch also highlights what I've suspected about Undercover Boss for a while: no one's falling for it anymore. After seven seasons of the show, it's hard to imagine that many employees aren't hip to the gag and at least some have to be milking the opportunity to get free stuff by spilling their guts to the boss. Afterall, even if it's not for Undercover Boss, they know they're on TV (unlike in the sketch that claims to use hidden cameras, most episodes of Boss tell staff they're recording for a different reality show).

But that's not the point! What did you think of Adam Driver's SNL hosting ability? And did this sketch properly skewer Undercover Boss and The Force Awakens? Let us know!