If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

While Walt Disney didn't actually say those words (it was written by Tom Fitzgerald for Epcot's Horizons), it is an important sentiment within his company. Disney Imagineers — the people who design their theme parks — are known for not only dreaming big but also turning those dreams into reality. They've been doing it since Walt Disney first conceived of Disneyland and created the department in 1952.

The blog Disney Avenue has just posted a great collection of 80 vintage photos showing these Imagineers at work creating attractions from all over the world. And while the pictures, unfortunately, aren't captioned, sharp-eyed Disney fans will recognize many of the projects as well as many of the faces including Marc Davis, Claude Coats, Tony Baxter and even author Ray Bradbury.

Below I've selected a few that I really liked, but be sure to go to the article and view all 80 — it'll make your Disney day.

I love the photo reference and the bubble wrap
Ready to top Cinderella Castle
The Dreamfinder vehicle from Epcot's Imagination pavilion
More photo reference - this time for President Taft
From the Great Movie Ride - no need to dress what the audience can't see
Programming Epcot's American Adventure
A young Tony Baxter working on a Big Thunder Mountain model
Programming Pirates of the Caribbean
Epcot's World of Motion
Filming China's CircleVision film
Creating Spaceship Earth's Sistine Chapel