Artist Anoosha Syed of Canada is a very talented artist. One of her recent projects is reimagining Disney princesses in Modern AU. I'm old - I had to look up what exactly Modern AU meant. From UrbanDictionary:

A work of fan art that takes characters from other time periods or universes and places them in a modern setting. Literally - modern alternate universe.

Not only are the pictures impressive, but the descriptions she has for them are really clever as well. For example, here's what she says about Snow White:

Snow White, better known online as @poison_apple7, is a fashion blogger with a love for nature, vintage fashion and old movies. She is never seen without her iPhone, talking selfies with her roommates or posting her #ootd. Snow quickly gained a large following because of her humble nature, how she would promote self-love and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Though she tends to get into a lot of online drama with makeup guru,@therealevilqueen, Snow White is still the fairest of them all (at least according to their follower counts!).

I also love some of the touches in the pictures. Can you read what Mulan's workout shirt says? "Let's Get Down to Business. To Defeat, The Buns".

To view the rest of the captions, go to Syed's Tumbler Page. It's well worth it.

Finally, Syed even has a couple of videos that show exactly how she these princesses are created.