Over the past few weeks, LaughingPlace has hosted its annual Mouse Madness tournament. After crowning The Mighty Ducks as the Best of Disney Sports in 2015 and coronating Belle as the Best Disney Princess in 2015, this year we sought to name the greatest Sherman Brothers composition of all time.

The Selection Committee seeded this year's picks into four regions: Theme Park Songs, Live-Action Movie Songs, Animated Movie Songs and Songs from Mary Poppins. In the end, it was Theme Parks vs. Mary Poppins who competed for the title.

In a finish not quite as exciting as last night's real championship game, one Sherman Brothers song's optimism and forward thinking allowed it to persevere and can now hold its head high as champion of Mouse Madness 3. And that song is...

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.15.04 AM

There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow!


Congratulations to John, Sarah, Patricia, James, Rover, and the rest of the family on their tremendous victory. Of course, congratulations are also due to the legendary Robert and Richard Sherman who penned the classic tune.

Thanks to everyone who voted in this year's tournament — we'll see you next year!

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