Zachary Levi, the voice of Flynn in Tangled, recently sat down to talk to Entertainment Tonight about the new Tangled TV series and the possibility of a Chuck reunion.

But perhaps the most interesting thing he said was he was told by John Lasseter, the Chief Creative Officer for all of Disney animation, that Tangled would be Disney's last fairy tale movie.

“He said, ‘Alright guys, this is it. This is the last one,’” the 35-year-old actor recalled Lasseter saying. “Then he made Tangled and we did really well and it was enough to buoy that for them to go and make Frozen.”

“So I will say to the Frozen people, ‘You’re welcome. You are welcome,’” Levi joked.

So how 'bout that Disney fans? We were that close to not having the seminal animated feature of the millennium (so far). Which, depending on your point of view, is either a good or a bad thing.

See the entire interview below including what he has to say about the upcoming Tangled TV series.

Doobie Moseley
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