Being able to communicate with someone when you're not expecting to be able to can be a great joy. That's probably why videos of deaf individuals being pleasantly surprised by people signing back to them have become so popular lately. Still, no matter how many times I see these interactions, they never fail to bring a smile to my face.

The latest example comes from an Instagram user who captured Captain America signing with a guest in Disney California Adventure recently. Take a look:

One of the sweetest moments I've ever seen. Quit making me fall in love with you. 💜

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While I don't know what they're conversation was about exactly, my limited ASL knowledge gives me some confidence to say that, at the beginning of the clip, the guests spells the word "Boston" and, at the end (before getting a hug), he says "thank you."

Pretty cool, huh? Kudos, Cap.

(h/t HelloGiggles)