On this day in 1969, The Haunted Mansion officially opened its doors in Disneyland. Since then the attraction's 999 happy haunts have been celebrated by fans with ghoulish delight. In addition to the literal thousands of items that the Disney Parks have created inspired by the classic attraction, many clever cadavers have taken to sharing their own unique pieces for the Mansion.

To celebrate the Haunted Mansion's anniversary, we've turned to Etsy to dig up some of the best fan-made goodies:

Wallpaper Design Dress


Like nearly everything in the Mansion, even the wallpaper is iconic. Now you can drape yourself in the spooky but formal pattern for any occasion.



Same idea, different garment — still awesome.

Ghost Hostess Dress


A more casual take on what some of the Mansion's Cast Members don, this dress is a subtle way to show your fandom while still looking fashionable.

"Room for One More" Decal


Note: Don't pick up real hitchhikers.

Exit Sign Candle


This candle, featuring the scent of "funeral flowers" according to the description, is perfect for a seance... or just maintaining a nice smelling room.

"Ghostbusters" Tee


Who ya gonna call? Not Sony because there's no copyright infringement here!

Portrait Purse


Surprisingly this is the first appearance of the fantastic portraits on display in the stretching room, but it won't be the last.

Hitchhiking Cocktail Stirrers


Because there's never a time when you can't use a little more Mansion in your life.

Glow-in-the-Dark Shoes


Sadly, these custom shoes seem to have passed, but their memory will live on (and the designer has some other great Disney offerings in her shop).

Ride Blueprints


The Haunted Mansion is a complex dwelling — make sure you don't get lost!

Wooden Cutouts


Admittedly these will cost you a pretty hefty sum but, if you can afford them, you'll be the most popular house on the block come October.

Quick Sand Phone Case


As promised, the portraits return. This gorgeous case is apparently available for a multitude of iPhone models.

Victorian Dress


We start with a dress and we end with one. This Victorian-inspired number also incorporates the wallpaper design as well as other artwork from the attraction and dresses it up in lace. We can only assume that this is what cosplaying ghosts wear when they come out to socialize.

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