Earlier this week the internet witnessed a young boy singing "Remember Me" from Coco to his sister who passed away last year. This touching display of love amidst pain tugged at many heartstrings and was quickly shared until the video went viral. Even Coco director, Lee Unkirch was moved and retweeted the clip saying, "This is so beautiful." Below is the video of four-year-old Alex playing guitar and singing to Ava on what would have been her first birthday. In the movie, this song was written by a father for his daughter to remind her that even though he had to leave home, he loved her and was always thinking about her.

Death can be a difficult subject to discuss, and Coco does a beautiful job of making the focus about honoring those we've lost even as we mourn for them. Thank you, Alex, for reminding us that when those we love are no longer with us, they always live on in our hearts and memories.