You haven't heard the "Cantina Band" theme from Star Wars until you've heard it performed using a single pencil or clicks of a Rubik's Cube. Yes, it seems the latest trend in viral videos is taking that classic piece of score and performing it with relatively mundane objects. First up, a girl with a self-professed surplus of time in her schedule makes math sound amazing catchy:

Of course, as is usually the case with such memes, that was not the end of things. Next up, someone out there in YouTube land took it upon themselves to not only evoke the theme with their Rubik's Cube but also managed to solve the famously confusing and colorful puzzle at the same time. While the video is only 22 seconds long, it's easy to see why it's already racking up hundreds of thousands of views:

If anyone is taking requests for the future of this meme, we'd like to hear "Imperial March" as performed by a milk steamer. And keeping with the toy theme of the Rubik's Cube clip, how about the Bill Murray lounge version of the Star Wars theme cover by Teddy Ruxpin? In any case, kudos to these clever folks for reminding us to find joy in the simplest of things.