This Thursday at 8 p.m. EST is the return of something I've been waiting for since November. Shondaland is, once again, open for business. It's hard to do a refresher course for these three programs because so much has happened. SO. MUCH. Like, too much for any other show, but Shonda don't play that, and she makes the plot move faster than a cardiothoracic surgery at Grey-Sloan Memorial. So, I decided on giving you a fun way to watch on the 11th by creating a drinking game. You can choose to go the #TGIT way (tequila during Grey's, red wine during Scandal, vodka during HTGAWM) or the Marshal way (so much red grape juice that you're using the bathroom every commercial break). No matter the way, let's get out #TGIT on!

Grey's Anatomy

Sip When:

-Kepner and Avery look at each other longingly

-Arizona says a quip at Callie's expense

-A surgery goes wrong and the patient dies

Take Two Sips When:

-Owen's family situation is EXACTLY what you predicted it would be

-Amelia has a memory of her brother, sending her into a tail spin

-Maggie gets the funniest line of the night

Chug When:

-Meredith gets put into a situation and you go "OMG that poor woman has the worst life ever and I just want her to be safe with her kids on a tropical island sipping on a pina colada watching her kids swim so just get put into these awful situations anymore 'cause I feel bad. Oh, and I miss Cristina."


Sip When:

-Quinn insults the new guy at Olivia Pope & Associates

-Huck whisper-yells a key piece of evidence to a new case

-Olivia wears a fabulous trench coat

Take Two Sips When:

-Mellie has a rousing speech towards Fitz discussing how he's THE WORST

-Cyrus threatens someone's life

-VP Susan Ross has the funniest line of the night

Chug When: 

-Fitz is all "OMG my life is in shambles and I lost both possible women I had in my life and also I have a dead kid but I have a baby but LOL Mellie has the baby and my god is President even worth it cause the votes were rigged for my win and Cyrus sucks and Abby is the only one I like but she's on Olivia's side so she hates me so brb going to the kitchen to drown my sorrows in a tub of Breyers"

How to Get Away with Murder

Sip When:

-A judge is not having Annalise's ways

-Michaela debates continuing her relationship with Caleb Hapstall

-Connor has the funniest line of the episode

Take Two Sips When:

-Oliver goes all-in with helping out Annalise in everything she does

-Bonnie continues to be uber-creepy

-Asher is in a heap of trouble, but continues to be every fraternity stereotype ever

Chug When: 

-Viola Davis solidifies a second Emmy win in September

Drink responsibly and enjoy #TGIT!