It has been a hot minute since I've written a blog (Hello all!), but today's exceptional news had me rushing to my computer to type. Today, we received confirmation that Disney will be creating a live-action version of "The Little Mermaid," with Alan Menken and Lin-Manuel Miranda working on old and new music. SOUND THE ALARMS. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

I heard the news, and after celebrating by singing the entire "Bring It On: the Musical" opening number (Lin wrote more than one musical, y'all), my mind began to wander trying to predict the casting that will be made for the film. I came up with some, dare I say it, truly incredible ideas. *toots own horn*

  • Ariel played by Ana Villafañe - The name might sound unfamiliar, but I need Ariel to be a Broadway baby. I think this is the best route for a successful and adored lead in an iconic part. With this in mind, I thought of my favorite new Broadway star, Ana Villafañe. She is currently slaying the game 8 times a week as Gloria Estefan in On Your Feet! at the Marquis Theater. If you watched the Macy's Parade this year, she opened the show with a rousing MegaMix. Her talent is bananas, her voice is off the charts, and her acting is superb. There is not a bad bone in her body when considering performance or character. She is my DREAM Ariel. #Ana4Ariel2K16

  • Ursula is played by Tituss Burgess - HEAR ME OUT! Ursula was based on a drag queen, so why not just have it played by one? Tituss is known for playing Sebastian (a role I wouldn't mind him also playing in the film), but he is also keen on playing the villain. He recently performed in a production of Into The Woods where he played the witch and that man can SANG. Yes, past tense, because he's that good. If they took "Poor Unfortunate Souls" and changed the key to fit his soprano voice, I'd start engraving the Oscar now. He would blow our minds, y'all. THEY'D BE MUSICAL MUSH. I need it.

  • Sebastian played by Raven Symone - If we are going gender blind with this, I want this to happen SO BADLY it hurts. As Raven's #1 fan of all-time (fight me), I know her entire discography. On Disneymania 3, she sang "Under the Sea" and I still can't get it out of my head. For me, it's the definitive version of the song. You can hear her energy in the song. You can hear her excitement in the song. That is what Sebastian needs during that song. It's the one moment where he can be seen as truly happy, all while persuading Ariel to remain. The rest of the time he's a resident of shade city, throwing eye rolls left and right. The part was MADE for Raven. I need it more than anything ever.

  • Prince Eric played by Zac Efron - Bring that boy back into the Disney fold! And the musical fold! He is currently circling an upcoming role in a Hugh Jackman movie musical, so singing again isn't out of the question. Let's get the quintessential dream boat actually on a boat in the vast seas, meeting a mermaid. Would it not be perfect?!

  • Flounder played by Joshua Colley - See here.

Here's hoping some of these dreams come true because, for my well-being, they need to happen. The countdown to casting news begins.