When Frozen hit theaters in the fall of 2013, and right before it took over the world faster than you can say Arendelle, one plot point conquered all conversation. Frozen was a Disney princess film that didn't need a male love interest. The true love of the film was that of a sisterly bond.

This was the key point in every initial review and in-depth discussion about the film. Now, buried in 12 feet of Frozen overkill, we tend to look over that fact while we are banging our heads with a meat cleaver to get "Let It Go" out of the constant repeat in plays in our minds. The beginning of the Frozen global domination was the simplicity of being a Disney princess movie with no prince, among other things.

It was groundbreaking for a Disney film, so it got people excited about no man and sisterly love (It's like they forgot about Lilo & Stitch), and yet, after seeing Moana this evening, Frozen pales in comparison to the newest film.

Moana does something spectacular: it mentions no love. I mean, usual family relationships and friendships, but it doesn't overtly say "LOVE!" Love isn't the answer to anything. It's determination. It's confidence. It's having a strong self-worth. You don't love of any kind, which is kind of a spectacular thought in mind.

Love is something, frankly, kids don't think about when viewing these movies. The lessons Moana teaches with no mention of a man or strong relationship to anyone BUT one's self is fantastic.

Moana deals with major conflicts and an abundance of turbulence to try and save her village, while also showing that she can be a fantastic chief for the people she holds so dear. She has to realize that she has incredible potential within herself. She has to realize that one person can do an incredible amount of good. She has to realize that, even when she is at rock bottom, she can climb up and face every challenge that hits her. Moana doesn't need the power of love to save her or others. She needs hard work and a kick-butt attitude.

This comes across like I hate the "love" plot point, which I don't. I enjoy Princess movies or romantic Disney films. However, seeing a character join the ranks of the Princess brand with the sole purpose to be proud of themselves and their capabilities, it's pretty remarkable.

I am excited to see little girls and boys watch this film and see that love isn't what is the most powerful, but that they are power just being them.

I adored Moana ("Know Who You Are" gives me chills) and I am so excited to see how she is utilized in all facets of the company (I need a Moana boat ride at Animal Kingdom, like, yesterday. Come on, Polynesia land!).

Much credit to everyone who worked on Moana, because it is phenomenal.

Frozen, I do enjoy you, but you've been beat by this incredible Polynesian Princess.

"If I go there's no telling how far I'll go"