Beyonce "Lemonade"
The cover art for Beyonce's "Lemonade" (with a Disney twist)

This year's Grammy Awards were a travesty for the sheer amount of Lemonade shade. Even Adele knew that Beyonce deserved the award, that's how bad the Grammys got it. However, with this global consensus that Lemonade is one of the Top 5 albums every made (I'm not stressing this enough, it is art.), I thought I would give it a Disney touch.

In the same vein of those crazy-ridiculous-yet-you-always-click-them Buzzfeed articles where they pair two seemingly random things, ("Slices of Bacon for every Astrological Sign" isn't real, but could be.) I gift you a Disney film to watch for every song on the landmark Lemonade album. (WARNING: SOME SONGS ARE EXPLICIT)

  1. "Pray You Catch Me" - Zootopia: While Queen Bey is trying to check to see if her man is cheating on her, she is snooping and listening in to make sure. She is ready to find any reason to throw him to the curb for doing her wrong. You know who else wants to listen in the find out the truth? Judy Hopps. She is ready to show that she is the best recruit the ZPD has ever seen, and she will do everything in her power to find out who is making animals turn savage, even as her "lonely ear pressed against the walls" tries to hear any new evidence.
  2. "Hold Up" - Frozen: Y'all, Beyonce is not having it. She can't believe he is sneaking out with a girl who clearly doesn't love him as much as Bey does. It is ridiculous. What is he doing?! You know who else can't believe "what a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you"? Elsa. She has had it. No one gets her powers. On top of that, she (and Kristoff, frankly) can't believe Anna is getting with Hans after ONE NIGHT. Uh-uh. Elsa isn't playing those games. HOLD UP.
  3. "Don't Hurt Yourself" - WALL-E: The Queen knows what's up. This is going to end badly for her man. You try cheating on Bey and there's going to be some discussions and some anger. She is livid and pissed. She's the lion and she KNOWS he lying. You know who else is lying? AUTO. About everything. To everyone. The plant. The planet. It's all a sham. If only WALL-E, Eve, and the Captain could have sung this song, I feel like the movie would have found the resolution much faster.
  4. "Sorry" - The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement: She isn't taking it anymore. She is heading out with her girls, she is saying "BOY, BYE," and living her best self-empowered and feminist life. You know who else doesn't need no man? Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia. She goes against Genovian rule that states that she must be married to rule. NOPE. She fights for her right to be a strong independent woman. Again, BOY, BYE.
  5. "6 Inch" - The Parent Trap (1998): "She stack her money, money everywhere she goes." The song protagonist is someone who works hard, fights hard, and rakes in the reward. While the profession might differ, Elizabeth does the same as a crazy successful wedding gown designer who is killing it and having the best time. GET IT, GIRLS! Stacking her paper, all day, every day.
  6. "Daddy Lessons" - Mulan: Daddy may have made a soldier out of Beyonce in the figurative sense, Mulan literally became a soldier. He held Mulan in his arms and taught her to be strong. Y'all, Beyonce is the best, don't get me wrong, and her father truly raised an incredible human being...but Mulan saved China. She saved an empire. Not to, like, grade women on their own Daddy Lessons...but Mulan.
  7. "Love Drought" - Hercules: Bey has taken some time, thought about her father, went on a girl's retreat, and realized that her and her man have to work at their relationship. She knows that together, they can move mountains. She knows he is lying, but thinks they work to combat it and come together stronger. Hercules is the thinking the SAME DANG THINGS about Meg. She was with Hades the whole time? This was all an act to capture him? But, there's still some love there?! They must work as one to get their relationship going in a positive direction. Sometimes, the truth hurts, but we have to work with it to solve problems!
  8. "Sandcastles" - Tarzan: She said she was leaving him. She couldn't take it. The lies, the deceit, the lack of trust. She had to go. However, she knows she has never loved anyone like him and never will. So, she's willing and able to go back to him and make the relationship work. Do you think Jane was really dreaming of a tree house lifestyle? Heck no. However, she knows she was meant for Tarzan, so she jumped out of that boat and swam to shore to make a life with him. So many sandcastles being rebuilt!
  9. "Forward" - Toy Story 3: This short little "song" makes Beyonce realize that she loves him and wants to be with him, so they have to move forward. From the pain, the questioning, the anger. Forward. Woody and the gang have to do the same thing. They love Andy and they love him "more than this job," but they know that it can't last, so they move forward and Bonnie is more than able to take his place. Forward.
  10. "Freedom" - Holes: She has dealt with some crap. She has dealt with more pain and heartache than anyone needs to feel. However, it has made Queen Bey even stronger and she is ready to persist and slay at life (which, spoiler alert, she has done). The kids in Holes have dealt with this horrible punishment for weeks, months, even years. The Warden is finally arrested for her misconduct and their freedom is well warranted. They never deserved all this pain they've dealt with, but it's made them into incredibly strong and able human beings, even more ready to take on the world.
  11. "All Night" - Aladdin: Beyonce knows it will still take a bit getting used to, 'cause of all the lies, but she is ready to be unapologetically romantic and loving to her guy. She isn't going to deal with these games again, but she is going to "kiss up" on him all night. Jasmine feels the same exact way. Aladdin has been lying about his true self the entirety of their relationship, but she knows that he is still so special, that she is ready to start fresh and just love. Her heart is open and ready to straight up love.
  12. "Formation" - Queen of Katwe: Beyonce is proud to be a woman, to be black, to be an influencer. She knows that she works hard, gets what's her, and slays all day. Phiona follows a similar path. She plays chess like a boss. She beats girls and guys, left and right. She rakes in the dough and supports herself and her family. All the while she's slaying left and right, she keeps a smile on her face and a sense of appreciation and happiness in her heart. SLAY ALL DAY.

Enjoy your upcoming Lemonade movie day.