#TGIT is known for Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. However, last year we gained a new entry into the echelon of Shonda Rhimes-backed programming (I'll never forget you, Off the Map). The Catch premiered last year to astoundingly mediocre ratings and initially tepid reviews. The season progressed and the reviews got better as the show found its footing, and that tone that it discovered by the end is going to be very exciting for many.

First off, for those unfamiliar (You can "catch" up now on Hulu!), the show follows Alice Vaughan (played with the most perfect blend of bad-a**ery and excellent hair by Mireille Enos), a private investigator whose fiancee (played with a sexiness and effervescence by Peter Krause) cons her out of all of her and her clients' cash. The season follows her trying to find him and them determining if their year long love affair was actually real or just a part of the con.

While all this is going on, there are cases of the week, along with an overarching narrative about the Kensington Firm and their crazy cons. It started off incredibly serious, but the show embodied the tone of early Grey's Anatomy (the pinnacle of ABC tone work in their history). It carries a big plot along with procedural style cases. On top of that, it can switch between light and heavy with ease. The cons are super fun, but at the same time, the stakes can be life or death. It has a nice balance that will make you want to keep watching as we don't find that lightness in hour-long dramas as of late.

The second season starts off different because of the events of the finale (Again, really "catch" up on Hulu!), but the playfulness and drama are still there. The adds are describing it as the "sexiest rom-con on TV" and it is really the perfect tagline.

I don't want to admit this, but Alice Vaughan is quickly becoming my favorite Shonda leading lady. She is getting to have the most fun out of any of them. Meredith Grey barely does anything anymore, Olivia Pope is trying to figure out who killed the President-Elect, while Annalise Keating is trying to not get herself or the Keating Five killed. While Alice Vaughan does have a lot on her shoulders (trying to make sure her fiancee remains safe, trying to get her private investigating office under control, trying to take down a crime organization, etc.), it is all done with an undertone of pure fun. It's sudsy and delicious.

The chemistry between Mireille Enos and Peter Krause is actually banana pants. Um, I don't know how it's that good, but I believe that they are engaged in real life. (Sorry Lauren Graham.) It really adds to the stakes of the show, as I care about them always being together. Maybe too much. *slides photo collage of couple off table*

This season seems like we will be in for another fun ride, especially when you see the end of episode 1. Paths are crossing in a way that made me yell out loud "NO WAY AHHH!" You won't want to miss out on my favorite Shonda show airing right now. You want a fun hour of TV with no stress or heavy/depressing subject matter? Get yourself over to watch season 2 of The Catch!

For those who are wanting to add on to the #TGIT Drinking Game, here are the rules for The Catch:

1 Sip:

  • You almost want to get conned by Peter Krause.
  • You feel like you can only trust red-headed women from this point on.
  • Margaret Bishop's British accent makes you care about her even though she shoots people willy-nilly.

2 Sips:

  • You can't believe this is the 4th Shonda Rhimes produced show airing currently to feature a heavy jail plot line.
  • Rhys is slowly becoming your favorite televison awful-human-you-still-find-lovable.
  • Danny and Sophie's relationship is a plot line you find comforting, even though you don't care about it either way

Chug When:

  • You come to terms with the fact that this show is becoming your favorite #TGIT program 'cause you yearn for levity.

If you're joining in the drinking game fun, please drink responsibly, but know that bourbon is beverage of choice for this program, 'cause every Shonda lady has to have their own preferred alcohol.

The Catch premieres March 9th at 10pm as part of ABC's #TGIT.

(Final opportunity..."catch" up on the first season via Hulu!)