I write this on March 18th, 2017. I have now seen Beauty and the Beast twice — once in 2D and once in 3D (the latter wasn't really worth it, but "Be Our Guest" was magnificent with the added depth. Now, it may not be necessary, but I highly suggest you see the film on the biggest screen you can.) I am on such a magical high that I don't know what to do with myself. I want to run to Orlando. I want to sit in the Be Our Guest restaurant and cry. I want to listen to the soundtrack for the rest of eternity. I want to wear both of the prince's outfits every day of my life (The one he wears prior to getting transformed into the Beast?! Major fashion jealousy.)

Now, this isn't a "pity Marshal" article, but I recently have changed my schooling situation and it was an immediate mistake. It's been a big bummer having to deal with something I don't enjoy for four months, but with no way to avoid it. Now, I'm not depressed and I completely understand that the joke's on me as I made the decision, but it has been the slowest four months of my life.

Since I made the transfer, there was one light at the end of the tunnel, and that was the live-action Beauty and the Beast. I knew as the semester started that I could at least count down to the film I have been eagerly awaiting to see since the announcement was made two years ago. I pre-ordered my ticket, had a delicious pre-show meal, and was finally ready to witness the film.

My expectations were high, as they are with all of the live-action Disney remakes as not one has let me down yet. On top of that, the preview at Hollywood Studios was the entirety of the Belle sequence and it was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, so I went in with lofty hopes and dreams for the film.

The film began and I was engrossed with every detail and moment. The prologue added more to the story, along with many other details throughout the film, making the "tale as old as time" more full and realized than previously.  The costumes and sets were lush. The new songs and arrangements consistently gave me goosebumps. I was in awe.

My biggest takeaway was that Emma Watson is what Belle should be. I will fight you to the death on this opinion, as her interpretation of Belle was perfect. In the animated film and on stage, Belle is played as a strong and vocal dissenter to the town and people around her. I mean, she belts her face off on stage (which, again, not necessarily a bad thing.) However, Emma takes the approach of Belle being an introvert in every sense of the word. Her singing is subdued (and yes, there was some auto-tune, but I adored her voice as a whole,) which is how Belle would sing. Especially when we consider the new plot points (SPOILER: Her mother died because of the plague and the father took her away to save her, Belle is an inventor herself, trying to teach young girls in the village how to read, etc.)

She is a caring, intelligent, and introverted individual who, eventually, gains the strength to be loud and fight for what rightly belongs to her thanks to dire circumstances. If it weren't for the events of the film, chances are she would remain the quiet reader to who we are initially introduced. Emma Watson is the perfect Belle. Ya hear me, PERFECT.

I had the widest grin on my face the entire film. There is absolutely no way that anything will be able to top this film for me this year. It is a gorgeous piece of film that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My unrelenting joy won't be going away anytime soon. Thanks to everyone involved.

Beauty and the Beast is now in theaters.