DocMcStuffinsMixUpFixUpWe recently received the Doc McStuffins Mix Up Fix Up game from Wonder Forge Games. Gideon (my 6 yr old son) and I had fun helping Doc McStuffins identify the right tool to help her stuffy friend's boo-boos.

The game play is simple and fun even for only two players, but can be enjoyed by more. One player is designated the patient and holds the answer card. The patient, in our case Stuffy, is visible to the players while an adorable image of Doc caring for her stuffed friend and the correct answer is visible to the “patient” player. Using yes or no questions the other players (the doctors) will narrow down the choice of tools until the correct answer is discovered.

Each player’s turn begins by spinning the spinner. The bright pink crayon spinner can land on the option to guess the pattern, guess a color, guess a tool or give a bandage. The correct answer is combination of three elements – a pattern (dots, hearts, flowers, checkered or stripes), the color of the pattern (blue, yellow, green, purple or red) and a doctor’s tool (thermometer, stethoscope, reflex hammer, syringe, or magnifying glass).

Using the diagnostic board – a very colorful collection of all the various pattern, color, tool combinations -- the doctor covers the combinations eliminated by the question. With each round the number of options diminishes until eventually the correct tool is guessed or revealed. I appreciate that the diagnostic board features a molded plastic cover so that the tiles don’t slide around when placed. Once the options have been narrowed the Doctor player can make a guess. If the guess is correct, game play is over if not the Patient receives bandage.

Gideon and I had a lot of fun playing Doc McStuffins Mix Up Fix Up. He enjoyed selecting a favorite Doc McStuffins character to be the patient each round. The game play moves along at a great pace for his attention span especially with the activity of covering up the incorrect combinations each turn. I enjoyed watching him use deductive skills to seek out the correct answer. Game setup is quick & easy allowing us to play a few rounds in under a half hour.

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