Author Drew Daywalt of the wildly popular The Day the Crayons Quit and its sequel The Day the Crayons Came Home was tapped by Disney Lucasfilm Press to bring BB-8’s adventures on Jakku to life, BB-8 On the Run. Those two Crayons books have been popular re-reads in this house and Daywalt doesn’t disappoint in his tale of the adorable droid’s adventures after the crash landing on Jakku. He beautifully conveys the child-like BB-8, inquisitive, a bit naïve yet brave and ingenious. Just as with the Crayons titles we enjoyed Daywalt’s relatable dialogue and humor.

My little dude, while not particularly interested in the Star Wars films, is fascinated by BB-8. The story begins on Jakku shortly after Poe’s crash landing. BB-8 is alone and scared. My little dude’s eyes grew wide in empathy for the droid. As BB-8 evaluates his circumstances and his mission he reflects on the words of his master Poe “You do good things, and good things will come back to you.” These words will guide BB-8 throughout his desert adventures.

As BB-8 makes his way across the Jakku desert we are introduced to Teedo, F3-ZK aka Fez along with other desert dwellers like the steelpeckers. luggabeest and happabore all beautitfully illustrated by Matt Myers.

I was pleasantly surprised by the author’s decision to use the droid adventure to share a valuable life lesson like an Anansi tale or Aesop fable. I appreciated his choices in demonstrating that when we do good things, the good things that will come back to you may not happen when or how you would expect.

BB-8 On the Run is now on shelves following Force Friday 2017.