Valentine's Day is almost upon us (bring on the chucklit in heart-shaped boxes!!!), but before we get to that let's talk about the newest Tsum Tsums. Or better yet, let me show you in this week's video. You'll see the newest subscription exclusives (hula Timon and Pumba), plus Happy Birthday Mickey and Minnie and all thirteen (yes, thirteen!) Zootopia Tsum Tsums live, in the fur!

Chocolate Collection!

The in-game event this month gives you three empty boxes of chocolates... because nobody loves you.

Frozen Love

Like the Halloween and Christmas cards before it, you have to wait for a chocolate heart in order to have the opportunity to get a pice of candy. A giant Wonder Ball (remember those?) drops into the game you have to use a skill on it three times in order to break in. It must be solid chocolate, only the best from Disney Tsum Tsum!


You're not guaranteed a chocolate in each chocolate ball and sometimes you will get coins or skill tickets. It takes nine piece of chocolate to fill each of the three Valentine's boxes.


My favorite was the strawberry chocolate filled with nougat shaped like Mickey! When you complete each card, you get to choose form one of three mystery prizes. Thankfully, if you complete all three cards you get to claim all three prizes.


It's clearly meant to be a Tsum Tsum sitting on a box that is dressed like their bottom half, but something about this disturbs me... Anywho, the three gifts are Valentine's Minnie, Valentine's Daisy, and a combination of a Premium Ticket/Skill Ticket.

Once you have completed all three boxes of chocolate, you can finally reach a new state of being, Chucklit Thundah (aka, Chocolate Thunder).