While most of Amerka was enjoying a romantic Valentine's Day weekend, I was layering up to brave the sub-zero NYC weather on a quest for toys. This was my first trip to Toy Fair and ZOMG was it cold!!! This was literally me on the half-mile walk to the convention center:


Toy Fair was AMAZEBALLS! My inner child came out in the worst way, so much so that I'm sure I scared more than a few exhibitors, one of which was Jakks Pacific. They're the company that makes the plastic Tsum Tsums that come in mystery blind packs. They made their debut last Fall as a Target exclusive and are now available at other retailers, including Toys "R" Us. I can't say that I have a lot, but lets just say that I have a few...

Tsum Tsum 9 pack

When I found the Jakks Pacific booth, I went "WHEEEEEEE!" and barged through their door to get a closer look. Thankfully one of the representatives wasn't scared by my enthusiasm. Wave 2 of these plastic figures is coming in 2016, along with a SUPER chute carrying case that is basically a giant Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum. "WHAT'S THAT OVER THERE!?!?!?" (tries to steal it while representative isn't looking, get's caught... WOMP! WOMP!).IMG_9564

What's better than the plastic stackable Tsum Tsums? The Mystery Stack Packs! These figures feature a Tsum Tsum with an accessory that they can sit in. I currently have Marie and Sebastian, but I think I need them all (especially Figaro!).

Marvel fans, prepare to suit up your Tsum Tsums with a Marvel collection of plastic figures from Jakks Pacific. Prototypes of some of the figures were on display, as well as the packaging concept. What's cool is that the Marvel Universe is explored much further here than it has been in plush form, with Dr. Strange and Spider-Woman joining the cast of characters offered. Never have superheroes been so kawaii.

I did find a few plush Tsum Tsums at the fair from NGC Novelty, who asked that I not take pictures. The big difference between a standard plush Tsum Tsum and the licensed ones from NGC is that these light up and make noise! Mickey and his friends are all represented, as are characters from Frozen and favorite characters like Stitch and Marie. They will be available in multiple sizes, with the smallest being in between a mini and a small from Disney Store and the largest rivaling Disney Store's medium size. Their cheeks light up and the sounds they make are similar to the noises heard in the intro of the Tsum Tsum game.

Lastly, scented Tsum Tsum products are heading your way from Scent Co. Scented pencils, pens, stickers and stationary featuring the stackable characters will be hitting shelves soon. But what excited me most are squishy, rubber keychains that blow scented air at you when squeezed. I plan to buy several and take them with me on my next Disney World vacation. That way when a stinky guest invades my air space, I can blast a fresh whif of pleasant odor into my nostrils and try to forget that they failed at the hygiene game.


I leave you with a false alarm. I walked by Ty's booth and did a double take because I saw stackable oval versions of creepy bug-eyed Beanie Boos that are essentially a Tsum Tsum knock-off. They even had a clown demonstrating how they can be juggled. They call them Teeny Tys and they are just awful (my apologies to anyone at Ty who thought this was a good idea). These will haunt my dreams, especially the stoned turtle. Hokay, Bye!

Source: Kotaku.com
Source: Kotaku.com