DSTsumTsumMarvelS16There are several types of Tsum Tsum collectors. Some collect them all, anything Tsum Tsum related that they can get their hands on. Some just get the ones that mean something special to them. And then there are some that have committed to one of the three Tsum Tsum brands: DisneyStar Wars or Marvel. While I love the Marvel films and characters, I've felt a little let down by most of the Marvel Tsum Tsums. It's not that they aren't cute or fun, but they are mostly based on the comic book versions and that's not my forte. But I am now 100% more likely to get to know their comic counterparts.

portrait_uncannyTwo weeks ago, Marvel Comics made a surprising announcement when they revealed that a four-part Comic series called "Marvel Tsum Tsum" will be coming soon to a comic shop near you. The premise is centered around a crate of Tsum Tsums en route to The Collector from Guardians of the Galaxy that falls to earth. Three teenagers find the crate and wind up joining some real super heroes in a wild adventure.

Marvel.com recently published a Q&A about the series, which reveals that the Tsum Tsums come to life in the story, including some of the villainous Tsums. Any Marvel Tsum Tsum that has previously been released may appear in the books, as well as any that could potentially be coming in the near future. As a reminder, there have so far been two releases based around The Avengers in addition to characters from Guardians of the Galaxy and The Amazing Spider-Man. Since the series doesn't start until August, there's plenty of time for Disney to put out more Marvel Tsum Tsums to fit into the books. I also love the cover of the first book which shows Ant-Man, who just recently converted to round plushy form with the second round of Avengers Tsums.