IMG_6178Now that the busy holiday season is just a few weeks away, one of the largest Disney Springs expansion projects has opened: the pedestrian bridge over Hotel Plaza Blvd and Buena Vista Drive. This project completes the bridges that connect Disney Springs to high traffic spots and will help with the car and foot back up in the area. IMG_6161 This project, just like its sister bridge near the Orange Parking Garage, is beautifully done and adds theming to a otherwise normal bridge.IMG_6162 IMG_6172 IMG_6174 IMG_6175 IMG_6173Moving into Disney Springs Marketplace a new store has opened in the Co-Op in place of the former Trophy Room sports store. IMG_6126Twenty Eight & Main is a great line created for males that love Disney Parks. The shop is still filling in the product. As of now, it is half Twenty Eight & Main and other half American made lines such as Pendleton and Levi. IMG_6218 IMG_6190 This actual line of clothing and merchandise is stunning and includes some great attraction inspired shirts and mugs.IMG_6131IMG_6133IMG_6144IMG_6146 There is also a very nicely done luggage/bag set with just the Twenty Eight & Main logo. Now to find a few hundred dollars for both pieces...IMG_6142The shop area alone is worth spending a few minutes in. There is so much detail and many fun things to see even if you don't walk out with anything.IMG_6129 IMG_6130IMG_6189Most of the line will be only available at Disneyland or Walt Disney World and some can be found at the Disney Store Online.

Our next stop is the World of Disney store where the largest Disney shopping location in the world is about to get much bigger!IMG_6125 The World of Disney store is growing by about 25% or so. The back wall, which used to be parking, was blown out and they have expanded back. While the curtain is still up, it should be coming down any day now to expose more detailed shopping area.IMG_6124The Landing (formerly Pleasure Island) has really just two spots still under work that will take a few more months: a small store front chocolate shop and The Edison, which will occupy the spot of the former Adventurers Club.IMG_6117 The next location to open will be STK Orlando America Steak House which, judging by how fast the facade has been going up, should be sometime around Christmas.IMG_6119Now looking from the Orange Parking Garage, we can see a lot of work is happening on the Town Center expansion.IMG_6105 IMG_6107One of the last hold outs of Pleasure Island is the old Planet Hollywood. The building will get a full face lift and be rebranded The Observatory some time early next year, but for now it stands as a out of place beacon of the past.IMG_6109For the last stop on our Disney Springs tour, we come to the Westside. This area is changing the least as it was the last area built, but I wanted to focus on what used to be my favorite store — D Street.IMG_6111 What used to be THE place to go for Disney Parks oddities such as Vinylmations and other unique toys and clothing has now turned into ALL STAR WARS, ALL THE TIME.IMG_6112 IMG_6113 Not that I mind Star Wars; as a matter of fact, I consider myself to be a HUGE fan and will be seeing The Force Awakens a few times opening weekend. But, that being said, it is a lot of space for the same things that can be found in all 4 theme parks and down the way at World of Disney. Of course I do love this shirt...IMG_6115Okay gang it is the start of November and that can mean only one thing... Christmas! Be on the look out for a report covering the final season of Osborn Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights later this week and the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party early next week.