IMG_0369Bingo Card 7 came out at the end of last week. My initial plans for the weekend were to play it nonstop and probably end Sunday night by accepting defeat and punching a hole in my wall. This assumption was based on how tough Card 6 was to complete, but Card 7 proved that you never know what to expect from Tsum Tsum.

With missions like "Play 30 times," the requests weren't as extreme as they have been. But then again, the prize wasn't as grand this time. 2 Happiness Box tickets were your reward for defeating this easy card, which proved most useless for me since I already have all of the Happiness Box Tsum Tsums and they are all maxed out at level 3. So until they add more to the game, I've got two tickets I can't do anything with.

Subscriptions Shipped!

TsumscriptionI got an email last week from Disney Store saying that my first subscription order had been shipped. I've been checking the mail daily ever since. Each day I run out to the curb as soon as I get home from work, tear open the mailbox and look inside. When it's not there I dramatically turn around, raise my right arm to the sky, make a fist and shake it to the heavens while yelling "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!?!?!?!?!" When nosy neighbors ask why, I don't explain. I just turn into Herman Munster and repeatedly exclaim "I want it! I want it! I want it! I want it!" while jumping up and down, throwing a grown-up temper tanturm... I hope it comes soon. 🙂

Peter Pan, Frozen Fever and a Tsum Tsum Blanket

While my subscription isn't here yet, the rest of the Tsum Tsums I ordered last week are! Relive my excitement as I unbox them all and show off some of their best (and worst) features.